Bionicle Self MOC: Toa Crypto

First off- the most common question I get before anyone asks is where I got the mask. I had it custom made by another Bionicle fan from DeviantART about two years ago that no longer makes custom masks.

Toa Crypto is my self MOC. I haven't really decided on a power for her yet. I was thinking about going with Void-like powers but still need to consider it more before making it "official".

The left arm is a custom one and is suppose to be fully robotic as my self-MOC lost it in a battle that left her nearly dead and the loss of her arm.

Toa Crypto while not shown on this picture, carries a sniper rifle on her back along with a two hand sword, claws rest on her waist ready to use, the black objects you see on the leg armor can be detached and are actually pistols, she also can have a hidden blade attached underneath her robotic arm. She carries a full arsenal of weapons and is considered more of an "assassin" like Toa than anything given how many weapons she can carry and how agile she is.

I also have a MOC video of her here you guys can check out if you want to see more pictures (I deleted all but this one sorry :confused: )


Nice look, colors, and cool mask! Totally unique!

it's very cluttered, both in build and colors.

needs a lot of streamlining.
there's definitely something here.

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This dude is way too greebled. A lot of tubes, weird (pistol holders?) things on the thighs, unnecessary gears on the feet, some tubes, and overall a large number of greebles should be taken off. Hey, at least the mask is cool.

I hate to be that guy, but are you actually female or just chose to use a female avatar?

I am a chick

I should mention while I won't stop criticism and I am open to it- I like my self-MOC the way it is and it matches my personality and appeal. While you can openly critique this in any way you want and I can't neither will I stop you- just know I will not make any changes to my MOC as I find it perfect through my eyes. It being a self-MOC and all anyway, it is a self MOC after all.

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Too greebled as already mentioned and I personally don't care how cool a custom mask looks as if it's not one or two basic colors it just won't really fit in.

That's the problem this has; dark blue, silver, black, light blue, looks like white. While the mask looks awesome it has far too many colors compared to the dark blue, black, and silver body. Maybe without that lightning design it would look better but it just adds too many colors nonexistent everywhere else. It's kinda why custom peices are harder to use than "real, official" peices.

Love the design and mask but too many details and colors. I think it just that this is the main problem; this doesn't look like the body for this mask.

And trust me; I understand the self moc idea; it's you so it shouldn't matter. It's why on Kaosa (my self moc) I mentioned 4.5 was probably the last time I'd touch her.

A few less details could go a long way.
Still good.

This is amazing!

Pretty cool mask, never seen anything like that before. I think if the color scheme was simplified a bit, and what looks like medium blue from the top of the mask was to be on other parts of the moc, it would benefit greatly. Too many colors make it look more cluttered than it probably is. All in all though, nice moc.

That mask! O_o, otherwise only complaint/criticism is the lower leg sticky-outy-thingy
Overall a very nice build otherwise (especially that arm) Nice!

Whaaat? Now you're on here too? I've totally subscribed to you. Crypto is still cool as ever.

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Yeah ha ha pretty much joined every BioTube site at this point I think lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. And thank you! :smile:


Great MOC. Very well done...
...but I can't help but hear someone say, "Look! It's the Cool Ninja Guy!"


In my opinion I think the extremely detailed mask works here. It stands out from the rest of the Moc and actually looks like a mask that would give the user powers.