Bionicle self MOC: Voltrix, Overlord of Electricity MK VI

Hey guys! I am back! With a new version of Voltrix! This is the 6th version.

Also, leave your ideas for a backstory/ bio in the comments or whatever down ther is called.

Anyways……I will keep you away no longer! Here you go.

My favorite pic. ^


Neat torso build

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Thanks man. It took 6 attempts to get it right. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This is not double post. I am just updating the thing.

That said, I have some minor mods right here. I hope you enjoy.

Modifications: I have added spikes that go over the head, I have changed the feet, I changed the back design, the gun attaches differently, and he has real hands.

Nyran shot

"Prepare to be obliterated!!!!!!!……wait, out of ammo, DARNIT!!"

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He's got swag.

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How do you get those image loops?

Someone posted it here and I claimed it as my own. I found it here and saved it to my computer

You can find just about anything on the internet.

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Oh. Lol. :smile:

His moc is really good in terms of build and aesthetic but the torso just feels really square to me

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I agree about the torso. I don't have a lot of technic, so that is the best CCBS torso I could do. Thanks for the feed back! :smile:

This looks good, but I question the inclusion of lime green.

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It is one of my favorite colors. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Again, not double post. Just updating.

Here we go. Voltrix, overlord of electricity, MK VII

The cape and waist cape were custom made by the real infurno.

Nyran shot

Obligatory running shot

"Puny ninja"

Just for fun.

What the wha?!?

"Advance mighty steed!!"

That's it for now. See ya.