Bionicle Shadows: Elemental Energy

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This topic is a description of elemental energy within the universe of Bionicle Shadows.

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Elemental energy is stored in separate dimensions thinly veiled from all the others. Within each of these dimensions there are massive amounts of elemental energy. So much, that because of the amount of energy contained in one place, there is naturally occurring solid storages of elemental energy (Natural Proto Matter/not caused by a Primary Being or Creation Particles). As a result of the elemental energy converting into matter, there is, in fact, a gravitational pull to the elemental dimensions (in sum total, any given elemental dimension has little more mass than 3 neutron stars. While a massive amount, in comparison to the size of each dimension, this is actually a very small amount). Any elemental warrior uses this to summon their energy. This allows anyone practiced in creating a specific element to summon that element from its dimension to pass through the veil in large quantities. If these dimensions didn’t exist, any elemental power would need to be created by converting a user’s acquired energy (this could be from their life blood such as Creation Particles or Protomatter or from some other storage of such fuels). Besides upping the scale of elemental energy, the use of separate dimensions to distribute elemental power saves any user of that power the need to produce it. Energy summoned from the elemental dimensions can not be returned by the same means. However, to prevent the complete depletion of energy from any of these dimensions, a facility within the Primary Dimension produces elemental energy with creation particles and pumps it into the elemental dimensions. The facility is operated by a massive company supported by the Council of Primary Beings called Prism. Little known to the public, however is how the energy sent into the elemental dimensions is a key instrument in the Council’s hidden plans to destroy Dimension Beta.

If you’re curious about Shadows, they’re technically not an “element.” At least not in the same way that all the others are, additionally, Shadows are not created by the Primary Beings. I will add a topic on Shadows soon as well.

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