Bionicle side story: Yahru in Po-Metru

Circa: Between Hidden Light II: Chapters 14 & 15

It was a typical morning in Po-Metru.

Yahru went to Po-Metru after doing the itinerary Seihu gave him.

“Man this is boring, hopefully I can find something interesting fun around here”

Yahru was just done with cleaning out part of the Protodermis warehouse.

Suddenly Yahru heard sounds of chisels scraping rock and hammers banging. It was from the Assembler’s villages.

Yahru was intrigued by the Po- working the Fields, yet he was doing some cleaning service because of Toa Seihu’s idea. Yahru in someways was a little annoyed with some of Seihu’s idealism, but wasn’t going to provoke it any more.

“At least they know how to live”.
The next day, Yahru went to the Assembler’s villages to get a close up.

That is when some of the Po-Matoran noticed, and muttered among themselves.

“Hey look.”
“Who is that?”
“What village is he from?”
“Check out his colors”
“What’s with that gray mask?”

Yahru disregarded their stares and comments because he was more focused on one thing: to see what they were doing and learn how to do it.

A Po-Matoran came up to him.
“Hey you, can we help you?”

Yahru replied, “What are you guys making?”

“I can dig that, I can get my hands dirty too.”

“Yeah, with cleaning Protodermis.” Another zoo-Matoran laughed.

Yahru shook his head at them.
“Hand me those tools”

“Okay,” A Po-Matoran chuckled.

But they had no idea what they were going to find out.

In about 5 Metru Minutes, Yahru finished a mini-Sculpture that took 7 for the average Po-Matoran to carve, unless they were Onewa.

Yahru handed that sculpture to the Po-Matoran,

The Po-Matoran smirked as he had been had by Yahru.

Yahru then gave a short head nod, and nearly walked off.

“Wait a minute” The Po-Matoran demanded.
Yahru stopped in his tracks, and looked back.
“I’ll admit you did great. What’s your name?”
“I’m Yahru”
“I’m Hafu, a talented Po-Matoran who sees great carving and does great carving.”

“Only to come last to Onewa”
A grating voice coming from the background.

Hafu looked with vexation,
“You again?”

“Face it Hafu, you talk way too much, you’re only to come second best next to me, and I haven’t even beat Onewa yet”
“Seriously Ahkmou get a life”
“Ooh, how mean” Ahkmou mocked.

Ahkmou noticed Yahru and just shunned him.
“Warehouse cleaner” Ahkmou muttered.
Yahru got a little angry with him

Yahru glared at him as he walked away,
“He’s quite got the face that only a Muaka could love for snack”
Hafu catching on to Yahru’s expression.
“That’s Ahkmou, he’d quite the fun guy, if he’s not around.”

Yahru couldn’t help but agree with him based on first impressions alone.

[More to come…]

A few days later, Yahru was done working the Protodermis Warehouses and headed for the Sculpture fields, when he noticed Ahkmou stealing from and pushing a Po-Matoran.
“Hey give that back”
“This is a Carver’s tool, not a tool to make junk like your sculptures”
Yahru noticed that no other Matoran were stepping in to fix this Ahkmou problem, and he thought of doing it himself
That made Yahru jump in.
Ahkmou glared.
“I see that you don’t have the guts to face someone better. How pitiful”, Yahru scoffed.
“How about you step off? Tin mask”?
“No, I prefer to take steps” Yahru smirked
Ahkmou was getting frustrated,
“Well if you’re so tough, let’s see you race me to the top of this sculpture” Ahkmou pointed to the monument he was notorious for climbing.
Yahru looked at it and smiled.
“Good for me”
The climbing race started, Ahkmou was climbing up fast and gaining traction, but when he started to look down, Yahru was no where to be found.
“That shiny faced simpleton fled”
Just then a whistle was heard from the top,
When Ahkmou looked back up and much to his horror, Yahru was getting close to the top before him.
Just when Yahru was about to make it, Ahkmou grabbed Yahru’s leg and pulled him down.

Yahru grabbed back on well enough but unfortunately he lost due to some cowardly playing by Ahkmou.

“Ha I win, now step off”
“You really are scared” Yahru rebutted.
“Yeah well, I’m the one who got what he wanted”

Ahkmou nearly walked off, before Yahru tackled him to the ground. Yahru repeatedly punched Ahkmou and took something from him. Ahkmou then shoved Yahru off and called his entourage of 3 Matoran he paid to be his body guards. The 3 Matoran surrounded Yahru.
But Yahru quickly overpowered them with his fighting skills. And threw one of them against Ahkmou.
“3 against 1 are bad odds”
Just when Yahru beat them and went toward Ahkmou, he felt something or someone tall and somewhat imposing grab him by the arm and throwing him down.

Yahru looked up and much to his chagrin and the figure that pushed him back approached him with a disapproving stare. That was his instructor and host, Toa Seihu.

“Oh, Vahki bones” Yahru muttered.
“That’s enough!” Seihu ordered.
Yahru was put over Seihu’s shoulder and carried away.

But before Seihu could see it, Yahru threw back the carvers tool to the Matoran Ahkmou stole from.

———————— (Added 10/25/2019)
Seihu and Yahru went back to their home in Ga-Metru.
“Yahru, what were you thinking back there?!!!” Seihu scolded. “Fighting against other Matoran as if they were the enemies? I thought I taught you better than to do that”
Yahru exhaled, “That didn’t stop THEM from doing it.”
Seihu knew Yahru was talking about Ahkmou, even though Seihu knew about Ahkmou since his Matoran days and wasn’t ignorant, he wasn’t willing to let Yahru off too fast.
“That doesn’t mean that you must go down the same road”
Yahru felt vexed as Seihu spoke.
“Yahru, I know that what you have done was not that exciting, but part of the reason I’m sending you an itenerary is for you to help build relationships with other Matoran and inhabitants, and this isn’t good.”
Seihu added,
“I also noticed that you have skipped classes too. Therefore, I’m placing you on lockdown for the next few days”
Yahru looked at Seihu as if he was crazy.
“Excuse me?” Yahru asked.
“I mean it, Yahru. You need to get your act together, or else something far greater than this punishment. Do I make myself clear?”
Yahru groaned, “Yes, sir”.

When Seihu walked out of the door. Yahru called for the Carigi, Yahru whispered the message

“Tell that Matoran that I’m on house arrest, so he’ll have to find a way on his own to handle it.”

The Carigi got the message and the name of the Matoran, Kivi, and flew off to send the message to him.

“Well, time to grin and bear it” Yahru thought.

——————— (Added 12/21/2019)
Two days later, Yahru was released from house arrest.

Now Yahru was going back to Po-Metru.

When Yahru went back to Po-Metru hewas greeted a face he was too annoyed to even grin inauthentically at, Ahkmou.

“Well, well, well, look who that Muaka dragged in,” Ahkmou heckled.

Yahru had enough and simply just walked away.

Ahkmou got annoyed, “Hey, I’m talking to you, shiny mask!”.

“You announce it like it matters” Yahru responded without even raising his voice

The Po-Matoran roared with laughter.

“Shut up!” Ahkmou screamed at the other Matoran.

The other Matoran simply turned their heads to avoid Ahkmou seeing them snicker.

“You guys are on my list” Ahmou warned.

Yahru simply walked away from Ahkmou.

“Hey, you stole from me, I had that tool right in my hands and would have gotten away with it if you hadn’t gotten in the way.”

“Oh wah wah, the thief got his stuff taken from him”

The Po-Matoran giggled even more.

Ahkmou grimaced as he has been the laughing stock ever since he came across Yahru.
“You and I have a score to settle.”

Yahru raised his eyebrow in intrigue.

“Tell me”

It was late afternoon and Yahru and Ahkmou were about to race near a Canyon in an Undisclosed part of Po-Metru.

“Oh I’m going to win this,” thought Ahkmou looking over at his competition with a smirk.

But Yahru didn’t care, he was unflinched

The Po-Matoran gave the mark,
“Ready, set,”

Then Ahkmou raced off and cackled at Yahru.

The other Po-Matoran were annoyed, as Ahkmou sped up.

Yahru on the other hand, took his time to and sprinted carefully and skillfully. Ahkmou thought he was going to win since he knew the route. Only to find out that Yahru was gaining on him more and more until Yahru was barely close to him.

“Okay you asked for it” thought Ahkmou.

Akhmou was going to push Yahru. Only for Yahru to evade Ahkmou and run past him as Ahkmou falls to the ground and tumbles into Spiny Stony Ape territory.

Ahkmou got back up only to find out a few Spiny Stone Ape ready to take out trespassers on their property.

The Spiny Stone Ape hissed and Ahkmou knew he was in trouble.

Meanwhile, Yahru was in sight of the Matoran waiting at the finish line. Then suddenly, Yahru
noticed that Ahkmou wasn’t behind him.

“If he’s letting me win, I’m going to give him trouble”.

Then Ahkmou sprung up as he was running from the Stone Apes.

The sight of the apes scared the Matoran as they ran away. Yahru was going to finish the race until he had his conscience kick in.

Just when Ahkmou tripped and was about to be squashed by Stone Apes, Yahru grabbed Ahkmou and pulled him away from the rolling Stone Ape.

Ahkmou looked at Yahru.
“You saved me?”
“Yeah, what of it.”
“Idiot” Ahkmou smirked
Ahkmou then pushed Yahru away and ran off.

“And now I regret it” Yahru grimaced.

Just as the Stone Ape was about to close in, Toa Seihu jumped in and got between the Stone Ape and Yahru.

Seihu lifted up his sword, the Photo-Smiter, and used it to shine a blinding light that made the Stone Ape retreat.

After the Stone Ape left, Seihu set his weapon back in his weapon compartment.
“Master Seihu, what are you doing here?” Yahru puzzled by Seihu’s entrance.

“The Po-Matoran told me everything that happened,”

Oh boy, here we go” Yahru thought.

“…including that one Matoran who said you took back his chisel after Ahkmou stole it.”

Yahru looked incredulous, another Matoran had his back for him.

Seihu continued calmly, “Let’s just get home”

Yahru was questioning Seihu’s surprisingly calm and humble tone.

“Oh…um…yes sir” Yahru responded with a puzzled inflection as he walked home with Seihu instead of getting dragged by him.

The following day, Yahru went to Po-Metru for his job.

Ahkmou was seen attempting to knock over one of Onewa’s sculptures.

“Why do I have to clean up the mess as always” Yahru thought.

Shrugging Yahru was scuffing towards Ahkmou when a Po-Matoran intervened.

“Hold it right there, Ahkmou!” The unidentified Po-Matoran commanded.

“Step off, sand for brains” Ahkmou barked “This is none of your business.”

That’s when another Po-Matoran said, “Um yeah AHKMOU, it is. In fact, it’s mine too as Onewa’s co-worker”.

Owewa stepped in glaring “Ahkmou, you’re not about to do what I think you’re going to do, are you?”

Ahkmou was getting flustered, but tried to make himself look tough.

“Fine, take it. I have more important things to do”

Ahkmou stomped away in frustration

“Like finding out how to get beat by a Stone Ape again?” The other Po-Matoran quipped.
“Oh I know, or how fast he can run like a coward after challenging others past his league”

The other Po-Matoran muttered and laughed under their breath.

Ahkmou shook in frustration as he was the new subject of jokes.

Ahkmou then glanced at Yahru seeing the whole thing. Instead of sayng something, out of embarassment, Ahkmou just sneered a “look what you did” sneer and strutted away from him in frustration.

Yahru glanced and simply went about his day.

For the next few days, most of Ahkmou’s attempts at bullying other Matoran lessened and lessened.

“So what’s going on with you guys now, Ahkmou seems like he’s quitting” Yahru inquired Hafu.
“Sort of, we just thought that we had to take care of things more.” Hafu responded, “Especially since we are as fed up with Ahkmou as you are, so we couldn’t let you take all the glory”
Yahru chuckled.“Ya’ll are just wildin”
“But really Yahru, that was a real gutsy move you made, showing Ahkmou he’s nobody’s boss”.
“As he should’t be”…

Meanwhile in Ahmou’s hut.

“They have lost respect for me and now I’m the joke!” Ahkmou grimaced and fumed more than Ta-Metru warehouses at midday.
“That Onewa, Hafu, others, and that silver faced Matoran!”
After the grumbling and growling disappated to an extent,
Ahkmou opened up a box near his bed, revealing a Kanoka Disk.
“What’s it going to take for this thing to get me the power that I most deparately crave?”…


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