Bionicle Site IS UP!... kind of

If Bionicle is unconfirmed, this would be awkward. (Yes I know I posted this on a topic, not trying to spam, if it is please let me know as I don't want any trouble I'm just a little excited. Sorry if that's the case in the end.) What do you think of the site teaser so far?

UPDATE: Time zones are probably playing a key factor as to why people can not open the link to the site itself.

UPDATE: 2, thanks to NotDimentioNuva for the new link. If the one above does not work, try this one.

EDIT: Here's a better image of the mask itself.

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Product page redirect. qq


That's odd, working fine for me.

Maybe if I post it again, or maybe you have to type it out in the url, I'm not sure.

Still giving me the product page.


Really? That's weird. I have no idea why it's not working for you guys.

I typed it out and it still redirects to the products page. Still an interesting find!

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@ToaOfUltimateDoom, @Dreysidel, it may be region-specific.


That's what I'm thinking, because it works on other laptops I have. So just give it some time it should be up soon.

Just in case.

bionicle has been confirmed all day and that is the mask of creation


Yes I know, I'm just saying after this and all that, it would be awkward.

Do you live in the US? It may be blocked in other parts of the world like @legomaster1378 said.

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The teaser is a bit underwhelming content-wise, but I guess they have to save something for NYCC.


No, Canada.

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It appears to be blocked for users living in the US, like myself. Do you know anyone else from Canada that you could send it to? I'm curious to see if my hypothesis is correct.


I live in Canada and it's not working for me :/

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I could, or maybe it is for time zones for some reason, I live on the Pacific side of Canada if that helps.

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That's what I was thinking. Anyone in that time zone maybe?

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That's most likely the case, by around the time when Lego posted the countdown for #4 and #2, that's when it'll probably be up.