BIONICLE sob stories

urg, same here. one of my friends has bins of parts, axonn, a fiew other sets i can’t name rn and he couldn’t care less about em! :disappointed_relieved:

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When I just got G2 Kopaka my friends and I decided to play a game we used to play with HF where we use the figures as targets and we shoot at them with nerf guns. Well ,my aim was perfect and I shot Kopakas mask off his face and it was never seen again.


Which mask, though?
There are two, luckily.

Have you watched iBionicle because he did something like this.

The white mask

@OraNui I didnt Know that Ibionicle did that

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Oh, that’s fortunate, as most people display them with the gold mask.
I believe, also, that that mask isn’t too expensive on Bricklink.


No worries I use the skull warrior mask for Kopaka

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So many of these stories are about broken and missing pieces. I lost my entire collection. Twice.

First time was around mid 2004-ish. As a kid, I had a bad habit of leaving my toys on the floor. My floor was such a mess that you could barely even see the carpet. One day, after I went on a trip, my dad decided to teach me lesson by throwing away all the toys on the floor, which included most of my collection.

The second time was in early-to-mid 2014. I had to move to my uncle’s house and had to clean up my old one. There was a lot of old junk and I had to decide what to keep and what to throw away. This was before rumors of BIONICLE’s reboot and I was out of the fandom. Assuming that BIONICLE was gone forever, I decided to part with my collection. The only thing that’s left of G1 is a small cardboard box full of random parts and a few MOCs. The surviving Kanohi are Hewkii Inika’s, Antroz’s, and Hydraxon’s. I also have Kiina’s helmet, the two-sided vehicle helmet, and a spikit head.

I am kicking myself for this decision every day and am holding onto my G2 collection with an iron grip.


Okay that’s really sad. Especially the first story. Didn’t your dad know how much Bionicle meant to you?


He mostly saw it as just another toyline. He knew I cared about it but didn’t really understand why.

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If your child likes something why on earth would you toss it away?


Oh shoot, I remember one now…

I tried to reenact the Chronicles of Jaller by dropping my Inika Jaller down the stairs…he broke apart and had some cracked joints


As said earlier, my room was a mess. He told me to clean it many times but I never really listened. This was his way of punishing me and teaching me a lesson. And keep in mind, he thew away all my toys that weren’t stored away. BIONICLE just happened to be included.

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First, like most of you, many of my G1 2006 onward socket joints are cracked. In fact, some of the lime green hand pieces are nearly cracked in half.

And, while this isn’t technically my sob story, I still need to mention it:
I went to the house of a friend of mine, and he had a Phantoka Lewa. One problem: the head piece was broken. Like, the neck snapped off, leaving the ball in the joint with the head disconnected.

Still makes me cringe to this day.


This isn’t Bionicle but I remember when I got Stomer XL his head piece cracked when I rebuilt him (Curse you Glatorian heads)


My first real BIONICLE sets (that weren’t from McDonalds :stuck_out_tongue: ) were Takadox and Mantax. I loved them. After I fell out of BIONICLE in 2011-ish I wanted to get back into it, and my Mom said she might have donated my sets. Thankfully she was mistaken and they were still in the basement.

All of them but Takadox and Mantax.

I still don’t know where they went. I remember bringing them on vacation with me when I was little, but I’m pretty sure I brought them back, so it’s not like I lost them there. They were my dynamic duo and they always did everything together. Not just one or the other, I always had them both with me. Kinda symbolic they would get lost together too. :frowning:


Seeing as there are some stories of harsh handling of Bionicle sets by others here, too… here’s one I have experienced:

In elementary school there was that kid who always brought a Bohrok with him, and then he used to play his “game”: He threw it into the air and I don’t even know if he even tried to catch it or simply never managed, but well, it would always hit the asphalt of the schoolyard. I don’t know how much damage that did to the Bohrok, but it didn’t have the original colour scheme anymore eventually, so you can guess…

This is the most extreme handling of Bionicle I have ever experienced.

The most extreme I ever did was once throwing Ehlek through our garden, where he hit the fence - 3 cracked ballsockets as a result.

And taking this up again… well, it’s rather a happy story, but in elementary school I had a friend who told me he had Tahnok Va - the only Bohrok Va I was missing. After elementary school I hardly ever saw my friend for at least 8 years - then we met in the bus one day and were talking about the good old days and I told him Bionicle was coming back. He probably just had Bionicle because of me (like many of my classmates in elementary school) and wasn’t really interested in it at all anymore, so I asked him if he still had Tahnok Va. He said probably, but definitely disassembled and without instructions. So I payed him a visit and we went through his old Bionicle stuff together. It actually was quite funny how impressed he was how I could tell from a few parts what sets he once owned and build most of them without instructions. Well, I went home that day not only with Tahnok Va but also with a gold Akaku, silver Akaku, silver Kakama and silver Pakari.

… I know I’m rubbing salt in the wounds of some of you…



Re-enacting Lehvak-Kal’s blast off into space I presume?

The faceplate would’ve definitely cracked…may have cracked a socket or two.

with the brittle joints, I would’ve expected him to just completely shatter upon contact :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s fine, i’m happy for you. :+1:


A friend of mine told me a story about how when he was younger he threw his Photok while playing with him and he landed right on his face, shattering his mask. The little mouth axle that keeps the mask in place wouldn’t come out, and legend has it that his poor Photok’s disembodied head still has part of a mask stuck inside of it.

Edit: Was re-reading some of these and remembered something even worse. Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

That friend’s friend let me go through his pieces a year or two ago, as he didn’t care about BIONICLE anymore. I’ve always wanted Jaller Inika (really, any Inika, but Jaller is my favourite) and he had every single piece, not one was missing or cracked. I built him up, and the guy said I could keep him when I went home. Then, he and our mutual friend took him apart and hid his pieces as a cruel joke.

I never did get to keep him.

That guy reassembled part of him and would taunt me with it. Whenever we would Skype he would throw the set around to see my reaction. He broke some joints, needless to say.

That Jaller remains broken, and a lot of important pieces are still missing to my knowledge. Looking back, I regret staying at his house for any longer as mean as that sounds. I should’ve taken Jaller and made a run for it.

We don’t talk anymore.

I still don’t have any Inika.


@timmytowntim …that is the most horrible tale i have ever heard. What those people did was just cruel. :angry: