BIONICLE sob stories

Yeah, I’ve just about lost touch with both of them at this point, meaning I can’t try to mooch more sets off of the Jaller guy.

And my Inika hunt continues. :stuck_out_tongue:


Reminds me of the last birthday party I ever celebrated with friends…

None of them did really care for Bionicle, still, with all my sets sitting on shelves in my room, I just had to show them some of the stuff - especially the Manas. So, for some time it actually went well, until one of them decided it was much more fun to kick the Manas around than to use their remote control.
Luckily I reacted quickly and put the Manas away before any real damage was done. Since then I think I haven’t allowed more than one friend into my room at the same time…

Also I once bought a bag of Bionicle parts on a garage sale - as it turned out quite some of them looked extremely mauled. If I had to guess I would say at least one little kid, a dog, multiple persons who stepped on them and someone with a drilling machine were responsible for how they looked - because otherwise I can’t explain some of the damage dealt. The bag contained most parts of Umbra in an ok condition though, a set that I think was not released in my country, most importantly I didn’t own Umbra, though, so in the end I couldn’t really complain.



Finally, someone understands why I hate maids so much…


Love being non-canon for Matoran and Toa, even if it would be really awkward though. But hey,Transformers can love, and they don’t have 15% of organic tissue like our beloved couples in the MU


The moral of this thread: Parents are evil and dogs are just as bad. Keep them away from the Bonkles at all costs.

Fortunately, I don’t have a dog, and my folks are okay with my hobby even if they grumble about it. As long as I can get the money to support it, they’ll let me get on with it.

My sob stories, then:

In 2004, I passed on a Takanuva set for Toa Metru Matau. I’d purchased Vakama and Onewa the previous week and then suddenly, Takanuva showed up at the local supermarket. And right next to him was Matau. And I wanted to build the Krahli. SO I got Matau, built the Krahli once, and then never saw Takanuva again.

We used to go to Spain to visit my grandparents in the summer. We were there in 2004, and we visited this toy shop where they had a lot of Bonkles. They also had Matoran Adventures, but I wouldn’t get my GBA until the following month. But instead of getting Bonkles, I got a bootleg Megazord. I will never understand why.


To be fair the Krahli is a pretty neat combiner. Just give it a better colour scheme and you’ve got a rad scorpion with dual waist swivel and swinging arm function. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well…I don’t have any G1 sets,


The neck-joint to one of my skull-villain torso’s was bent to the side, I tried to bend it back…and it snapped off.

One of my genius brothers took three of the normal size upper-limb CCBS arm pieces and made a triangle out of it…Never getting those back.

About a third of my collection was left in a storage unit, my family stopped paying the storage company and they sold off everything inside…


I had plenty of opportunities to get Matau, though. I never got another shot at Takanuva.

I’ve done that before, you just gotta use a lot of strength to get em apart


Man this is hard. I don’t have that many regrets BIONICLE reletad. I still have almost all my original parts, I have sure as heck have bought enough. Apart from be getting into the community until about 5 months before it’s cancellation! I wish I was here earlier. I guess I skipped a Nex that was in sale for 4$ once?

Oh, now I have a food one. A bit strange but, not longing for it. Sounds weird I know. But back in 2010 when Bionicle ended my reaction was: “hey what’s hero factory! Forget Bionicle!”


Well, that’s unfortunate.

Time to track it down.


Did your parent’s valuables in there get sold off too?

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Most of the stuff was easy to live without, it was random stuff we did not care enough or have enough room for in the house.


All the original Bionicles I had mysteriously vanished… Rumor has it my dad “”"“ACCIDENTLY”"""" gave them out to some kids after we moved. But it’s luckily still a rumor. I kinda don’t want to investigate further.


You never asked him?

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In 2009 my little brother had a friend over. Keep in mind my room was on the 3rd floor of our house at the time. I had recently gotten Tuma, and had displayed him on my windowsill. Well, the duo came into my room, opened the window, and “sparta kicked” Tuma out of the window. Given this was 2009, there were several heavily damaged joints.

The mighty Tuma fell


I would’ve “sparta kicked” them both out the window if that happened to me.


im betting the face you gave those two was something like this:

atleast that is how anyone else would have reacted if someone did something like that.


Real photo of Tuma moments before the incident:


Did you mother and father get on your brother about kicking Tuma from the window?