BIONICLE sob stories

Back in '03, I had Takanuva and a kid down the street had Makuta. We decided to build Takutanuva. It was awesome. Then we took it apart about a week later...and 20 or 30 pieces of the Ussanui were missing. To this day, it sits in my Bionicle bin, incomplete.


Not specifically Bionicle, but a year or so ago, we had an earthquake, and my Lego Death Star fell off my shelf and shattered.


I had a friend who had a decent sized BIONICLE collection back in 06 or so and he, for some reason, had decided he didn't want them anymore. I, naturally, was more than willing to take them off his hands, but due to a miscommunication between our mothers his mom gave them to someone else. To this day I will bug my mom about that every once in a while. So many sets I still don't have...


Back in 2002 I had a Lehvak with a red Krana Xa (The one in all the promotional stuff).
I brought him to kindergarten, when we went on a short trip to a forest nearby.
We would always rest under a certain really big tree to eat lunch together.
While I was still eating, some of my friends were already playing again, so I put my lunch into my bag and saw my Lehvak in there. I took him out to look at him, when my friends called for me.
I put my Lehvak down on a blanket next to my bag and ran to them. When I came back, his Krana Xa was gone. I never got a new one.


The only boxes I've ever saved are the limited edition ones like Fero and Shirmax.


My bro has lost one of white Nuva leg pieces from my Pridak in kindergarten (that's right, kindergarten).
Then my second bro have lost both 2010 Stormer and Tahu Stars (whole sets) at supermarket (that's right, supermarket)
Please note thet both bros are younger.
Sad story of oldest brother


alas, once upon a time I lost my brothers bionicles from 2003...

also, the only set I can properly rebuild in onua nuva...

Oh and worst of all

A couple months ago I asked my friend for a couple of masks from his bionicle collection
after a couple more months, I asked him what happened, he said that his mother gave them away


My Mask of Time from the special Vakhi set went missing somehow. Just gone. The worst part? I've always been super protective of my sets and parts, and so it's extra painful since it's the only piece that I've had disppear.

But thankfully, a friend of mine who was no longer interested in Bionicle had three of them. So a few years later I got a new one. Yay!


All these stories about dogs eating Bionicles! Thant's why I stick with cats! (Although one of my cats does love Barraki squids and shadow leaches so whenever the bin with them in it is on the floor I have to stop her from steeling)


When I was walking home from my cousin's house, I brought the stars rahkshii. And lost one of the tips of the staff somewhere in grass.


I've lost my gold kraahkan...

I have no idea where it's gone to.

I miss it...


I miss it too.



I lost my first Bionicle set Hahli Ignika

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my cat recently chewed a lil bit on my Rocka BA's sword

there is no escape


Well, my mum accidentally threw away over 70 of my sets. It was when I sort of grew apart from them so it wasnt too bad at the time. And now days I have all the ones I had back then and much, much more


Whenua was sadly lost to my teething dog, I cried so much. XD


Yeah my Lego bins were in the basement where the litter box was so lets just say I ended up having to wash them... some parts still smell...


I've got three two have to deal with the same one.
So lewa mata was my first and for awhile my only one well he got so well loved that his torsoe broke, but my freind gave me the torsoe fom his lewa nuva.

The second story with lewa is thati went to summer camp with my troop and some how while i was gone my dog got ahold of lewa and chewed part of his mask.

My third and final story has to deal with pahrak-kal. So while my two older sisters were young enough to be in little miss kickball I had to go to the games as I was still not quite old enough to be left at home by my self. well i had meet another boy there who was also into BIONICLEs and one day we brought our bohrok-kal with us. well i used the lever action one to many times and lost the krana.


I was rebuilding my old Lihkan and Kikanalo
And i finished Kikanalo
And i finished Lihkan
And I got one fire greatsword
And then I found the other one
And the pin had twisted off.
Liek dis if u crie evertim


How the heck did you break a Mata torso?