Bionicle songs

I think this is where this topic belongs.

So, I've often thought of portraying the Bionicle story through songs sung by the actual Bionicle characters. My first song I made didn't end up having much story, but I still like it.

Crazy (or the Vezon Song)

(Music starts of slow and smooth, like a soothing lullaby. Right in middle of tune, song, sung by Vezon, begins)


(guitar music, something along the lines of 'da-da da-da-da-DA-da da-da-da-DA da da-da-da-DA')

People say that I was born
With only half a brain.
And people say that I was born
Hopelessly Insane.
But I say that you haven't lived any
'Til you've seen life through the eyes of insanityyy!
'Cause I'm Craaazae,
And I like it that way.
Yeah I'm Craaazae,
And I like it that way.
(End Chorus)
Half the Time I don't know
If what I see is really there.
And most'a the time I dont
Have no reason to even care.
If it walks if it talks if it hits if it bites
It's probably there,
But if you can walk right through it, it's probl'y just the air!
(repeat chorus)
Some people try to cure me,
Try to change me, try to save me,
But they just don't realize,
There's no cure for insdanityyy!
(repeat chorus)
Yeah I'm crayayzy...
Yeah I'm Crayayzy...
Yeah I'm crayayzy
And I like it that way.
And I like it that wayayyeah...
(da da-da da-da da-da-da-da dadada daaaa...)
(end song)

Next: well, I've considered Ackar's view of Mata Nui's arrival on Bara Magna, and titling it "stranger in these parts". We'll see.

Also: I'd like to be able to make actual music videos of these. Anyone here with the know-how to do that?


I can see it now... BIONICLE: The Musical!

A part of me actually wants that to happen, another part wishes the first part would shut up


Both of my halves are telling your second half to shut up and let the first half sing


Oh man, I would really love to animate a musical featuring 2006. And Crazy would be Vezon's song when talking to Fennrak!


Yeah, I agree with the first part. This needs to be a thing now!