BIONICLE : Spherus Magna Reborn Mocs

Currently I'm working on several MOCS for my own fanfic. In this topic, I'll show all the characters featured in the storyline. Currently, I don't have much to show as my camera isn't working and a lot of the characters aren't here with me, but I do have 3 WIPs at my disposal.

These are modern Matoran living on the island of Mehri Nui. The male Ga-Matoran Aque and Se-Se, and the female Onu-Matoran Batu.

As you can see for yourself, these are still wips and were taken with my IPhone with no decent lightning. Some parts are still missing, as you've probably noticed. Batu is missing her second Digger Glove, and some more purple pieces, while Aque still needs a replacement for the "armour" holder on his chest.

The colour schemes are based on taste, as I loved Onepu as an Onu-Matoran, so I wanted a purple-black one as well. The colours of the Ga-Matoran however are explained in the storyline. Aque and Se-Se are both Protodanium miners, which they mine underwater, but Se-Se doesn't spend a lot of his time doing his actual job, hence why his armour is still completely blue. Aque however, is a local town hero as he's the strongest of the Koro, and he spent a lot of time underwater, which resulted in rust discolouring his armour and Kanohi.

My aim in moccing is to keep things both simple and detailed. I often use custom torsos, but keep legs and arms to the original pieces ( as I love the Inaka legs for instance. ) I hope you'll enjoy the mocs that will feature here in the future, and I hope to have some decent pictures up sooner or later.

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Crytell, have you an explanation as to why Matoran are going about with whichever gender?

'Cause last I checked, you needed an excuse for that kinda stuff. Y'know, experiments, Mutation, etc, etc.

That aside, the MOCs all look great,

Actually yes, there are two reasons for that wink

1) The whole reason why they look the way they do, influenced the genders as well. It's too early to explain it now, as it's an important part of the storyline, but it will be explained in time. It might not be clear, but we're on Spherus Magna way in the future, after Mata Nui using the energies of the Ignika to terraform the planet and to alter the Matoran's language "files", and after the Blue Storm ( which is a storyline feature ).

2) The whole gender thing always bugged me xD

Thanks though ! wink


Yeah, I have a story that may or may not come out that has no elemental gender boundaries whatsoever anymore. It involves the deterioration of the matoran's genetic programing over time.

Love the MOCs! They have great articulation!

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Thank you ! It was indeed my intention to give these a lot of articulation, and the hero factory shells somewhat resemble the old Metrui Nui/Mata Nui- movie styled Matoran arms. smile


Neat matorans :3

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Actually, most words in the bionicle universe have no distinct plural form. In other words, matoran is already plural.

And you alwas want totalk abot grammar... just talk about topic :L ..Also, @Iben , Is girl Onu-Matoran a important one in the storyline :?

Sorry, I was just trying to help.

Oke.. I will forgive you this one time

Actually yes, she's an important character in the storyline, though it's not really the reason why she's female wink . I'll admit that my fanfiction is a bit more "adult" than the current storyline, as it features love in all it forms we know today, Matoran that are crippled, a new type of Toa with a different Toa Code etc. I just wanted to expend the world a bit more, without the restrictions Lego feels it should have.

But thanks for the kind words on the mocs ! Normally I should get some more Matoran pictures up later this week, this time with decent lightning and camera stuck_out_tongue .

Thanks again !


It's been a while, but recently some of my Bricklink orders arrived and this resulted in me being able to "finish" up some more Matoran and mocs.

The pictures are still WIPs, as I haven't got the time to really install my "photobooth". Anyway, here we go.


This is Efren, he's a male Bo-Matoran and leader of the Rahi-Squad. The Rahi-Squad consists of a group of Matoran who accompany travellers through Bo-Wahi, protecting them along the way.


Another picture of the male Ga-Matoran, Se-Se.


Here you have the Ar-Matoran, the Matoran of Sand. Known to be a bit "primitive", they're still one of the wisest and gentle Matoran on Mehri Nui. From left to right :
1. Sabbu : a male Ar-Matoran. He's an archaeologist and is famous for discovering the ruins of an ancient Ko-Matoran village.
2. Sulh : a female Ar-Matoran, she's an amazing glass-sculptress and designed the giant Chandelier located in the city of Onu-Koro. She has a fear of heights and is quite shy.
3.Brald : a male Ar-Matoran. Brald is one of the strongest of all Ar-Matoran and works as a construction worker. He helped building the castle of Turaga Macku in Ga-Koro.

Batu, Toa of Earth

And here's an early WIP of Batu's Toa form.

Again, my apologizes for the quality of the pictures, they're not that great. I hope you enjoyed this so far, and hope to see you soon with more mocs.



It's Onipex! smiley

I like Sand Matorans and their Backstory (Macku As turaga? Wat), but WIP Batu's Toa form Needs to be quite more feminine (Thats what i say!) Also, Can you tell me (Read: us) how many villages (Koros) there will be?

I've changed the story and the Turaga , I'll be keeping most of it a secret for now. The story starts 30 years after long wars and disputes between the Matoran tribes, and the arrival of 5 mysterious Turaga.

I honestly don't believe that Batu needs to be a lot more feminine. I like to work with more uni-sex builds instead of going for specific gender builds. I might change her a bit in the future, as the build isn't completely finished yet.

In total there will be 6 Wahi 9 Koro, 4 Metru and one area that's just too small to even call it a Koro, as it's just a small settlement surrounding a sacred temple. wink

Thanks for your comments, I hope to show something new this weekend !


I've done several female Glatorian MOCs (seven, with several iterations for each), and it's very easy to go over the top with the feminine shape (Nuva boobs, anyone?). Batu looks alright. Besides, as an Onu-matoran, a race of miners, she's probably going to have a pretty sturdy physique anyways. Personally, I think the Ar-Matoran arms are quite ridiculously long. Is there a storyline explanation for that?

Not really, apart from adding some animal traits to it. However, I already replaced the hand-balljoint piece at the shoulders by the shorter versions. I simply lacked these when I started building. wink

Thanks for the comment though !


It's been a while, but I "finished up" a few mocs recently. They're still a bit "work in progress", Constructive criticism is more than welcome. smile All of these mocs are beings from an alternate universe, so certain things are different from the main canon. | |

Takanuva, the Herald. Being a Toa, the Klakk-cure wasn't permanent, and quickly after the Reformation his body started to transform once again. With the help of the Grand Master, Takanuva has now regained control over his light/shadow powers, and has served him ever since.

Overal, I'm happy with the body, his upperlegs, shoulders, feet and back; but I still feel the need to redo his arms and legs. He's one of my favourite revamps I ever made, and I've been working on him for over a year now, constantly switching out stuff I didn't like. I'm currently looking for a nice weapon design that might fit him, but I'm having trouble finding one. | |

Toa Se-Se, Master of Water. Brave and bold, Se-Se is a real troublemaker. Instead of waiting, he often rushes into situations without thinking, bringing his teammates in trouble more often than not. He carries twin Spiked Aqua Blades and wears a blue Great Kanohi Sanok. His strong and heavy armour protects him against many of these unpredictable outbursts of action, but does slow him down, even when swimming.

I'm not finished with him yet, but my goal was to introduce a new style of Toa than we normally get when seeing Toa of Water. They're often female, slender and thing, while this one is male, heavily armoured and bulky, kinda inspired by those old big diver costumes. As these Matoran never saw Toa in there life, I figured I'd make their character influence their design, and as he's a "rush in without thinking" and "better be brave than sorry" type of guy, I figured he would need some kind of extra protection to keep him alive. |

Giant Rapeka Crab, a large Rahi living in the underground world of Onu-Wahi. Descendants of the Ussal Crabs, these gentle giants are more bug-like and lack the big claws. Bred by the Onu-Matoran, they are praised for their strength and loyalty.

This one is honestly one of my favourites. I spend a few months on it, but now it's almost done. As you can see, there's a wheel at the back, which allows you to make the legs go up and down. | |

As I already showed her before, this is a revamp of Batu, a female Onu-Matoran. I updated the whole body design because I wanted them to be shorter than the other Matoran. I also changed the upperarms to the shorter arms because they indeed were too long last time. |

And here's her Toa form. It's still not really updated since last time, but it offers a clearer view of her. The thing on her back is simply her backpack that has "transformed" along with her, and turned into a hunch. At this point it doesn't really have any function, but that might change in the future.

Well, thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed these and I hope that I'll get some better shots in the future. Happy Newyears to everyone as well !
And here's my Flickr for those who are interested in seeing more. wink