Bionicle stats canon?

Hey everyone! I am really curious about your opinions and knowledge on if the character stats for Bionicle sets are considered canon or even considered at all? It seems on Biosector01 they consider them as law or at least consider them very important when judging a characters abilities and strengths. Going so far as to even mention extra things such as “It is worth noting that prior to his encounter with Tren Krom, Mutran’s overall intelligence score would have been higher. However, his insanity results in a lessened score.” As if these scores are definitive in judging a characters overall rank and skill. What are your thoughts? Are these canon or just pointless information that’s randomly generated for each character?


Those stats were really just generated for promotional material. They have little to no impact on a character’s actual in-universe abilities; no one’s ever going to say “Tahu would canonically beat Gali in a fight because he has higher stats”.

The only reason that Mutran’s intelligence stat has that little extra bit is because someone specifically asked Greg about it.

That’s not to say that the stats are wrong, per se, but they oversimplify characters’s abilities to the point of being irrelevant.


I agree with you one hundred percent, that’s exactly what my thoughts were, I just was not sure what the common consensus was on this matter. What you said though makes perfect sense.

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It has nothing to do with the exact answer, but I like this answer.
This is because, contrary to the impression of the text, Mutran’s intelligence is essentially very high.

If his intellect was “not diminished,” he would probably have been even more terrifying when he confronted Toa Nuva at Karda Nui.
That means raising the bar for his intelligence, not a decline.


Another thing I don’t quite think is right is Icarax’ strength stat(I know you saw this coming with a profile name like Icarax16 lol) which is 14, it seems too low for his type of character, he’s literally the only Makuta to talk about the strength of his limbs with certainty no less and is war mongering and proud and arrogant and a great fighter, it just seems odd that a character like that who is built around his physical prowess and strength is 1 to 2 points below nearly all the other Makuta in his strength stat, Antroz has 16, Vamprah, Chirox and bitil all have 15 and the list goes on, my point being is it just seems a little off.


well as we all know, the troglomorph’s stats would be well over infinity

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Well that definitelly isn’ true. No one ever paid any real attention to these things. They are just there to give new fans a general idea on the characters’ Bio.


Your right, I was being a little extreme when I first typed the post.

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