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This topic is for anyone who had a question about bionicle, namely about the story. Ask away!

Are Axxon and Brutaka Toa’s? Are they still?

they are not Toa. (By the way, the Matoran language has no plurals, so Toa and all other words are both singular and plural) they are unique beings, probably created by the Great Beings to serve exactly the purpose they did

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@Matoro Thanks for clearing that up, and that I made a dumb mistake!

Actually Axxon is a unique bring, while Brutaka has his own species.

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They each serve a different purpose. Ex. Matoran are general laborers while Makuta create rahi and are supposed to maintain order.

I actually have one. Are the toa teams actually known by their team names (mata, metru, Inika, etc.) or are they just for us fans to distinguish between them?

At least the Toa Hagah are. The Toa Metru is a name for the fans, as no one could have called them that in canon. Toa Nuva is canon, Jaller named his team the Inika, and Defilak gave them the name Toa Mahri. Mata is unknown.


Thanks! I actually just remembered that the mata were just called the toa because the matoran new of no other toa. By the time they learned of the metru, the mata were already the nuva.

Why did the matoran shrink inside the capsules, and then how/why’d they get that upgrade after the Bohrak-kal?

The spheres were probably designed to make the Matoran weaker so that they’d have no chance against Makuta
The upgrade was called the Rebuild, and was carried out by the Turaga using Bohrok parts. I suspect that Nokama and Vakama did most of the work, using their knowledge (Nokama) and carving skills (Vakama)


They shrunk because they were in a small space for a prolonged period of time. The same would happen to us. The upgrade was to make them more like their original forms.

This is something I have had an issue with for a while. What is the Canon ending for the 2001 story? There are a few different versions.

  1. In C.A. Hapka’s Tale of the Toa, The Mata fight two Manas, form the Kaita, defeat the Manas, split apart, and fight shadow versions of themselves. The defeat the Shadow Toa by switching from fighting their own to fighting others.

  2. In MNOG, The Mata from the Kaita, fight a whole bunch of Manas, split apart, and then face Tohunga Makuta. Tohunga Makuta uses a cloud of… stuff to try and beat them, but the Toa combine their powers to defeat him.

  3. In the Bionicle: Encyclopedia the Mata form the Kaita, fight an unspecified amount of Manas, split apart, and then fight the shadow versions of themselves. The Toa beat the Shadow Toa by recognizing that there is darkness in everyone (or something like that) and absorbing their shadows into themselves.

So. Which is Canon?

Ok I dont get exactly how there are all these islands that the matoran live on and that mata- nui (island) and metru-nui are on top of one another and how can they see sky? And if they live inside of mata-nui (robot) How do they see sky?

The Canon goes that they fight the shadow Toa first, then face the Makuta like in MNOG, IIRC.

“Ok I dont get exactly how there are all these islands that the matoran
live on and that mata- nui (island) and metru-nui are on top of one
another and how can they see sky? And if they live inside of mata-nui
(robot) How do they see sky?”

Uh, so the way that works is basically like this.

Metru Nui, as well as all other islands and the whole MU, are inside the robot. The reason there is a sky is because it’s basically a projection. A false sky. Something like a hologram or whatever made to look like the sky.

There are three exceptions to that, though. Mata-Nui, Voya Nui, and Mahri Nui.

The Mata-Nui robot, when it crashed onto Aqua Magna, landed on its back. The island of Mata Nui grew vegetation and rocks due to a camouflage function the robot has. So the Island of Mata Nui is on top of the robots face, while the Island of Metru Nui is where the robots brain is.

Voya nui and Mahri Nui were also heaved upwards, outside the robot, with Mahri Nui going to the bottom of the Aqua Magna sea, and Voya Nui, attached with the stone chord keeping it surface level above. When the Toa Mahri destroyed the Chord, they basically made Voya Nui crash into Mahri Nui, bringing both of them back into the robot. As far as I can make out, that’s how it works.


How did anyone survive being on the ground when there’s two Giant Robots duking it out? Their feet must be the size of Antarctica.

Plot Armor.

A device in stories in which characters can survive anything because writers still want to do stuff with the characters.


Form the kaita
Fight 2 manas (the towers weaken, but don’t disable them)
Fight and absorb shadow toa
Fight tohunga teridax

@Nyran In reality, many people probably died, just not the main characters.


Where did the kanohi masks come from?

Kanohi masks were either created by Artakha, the Great Beings, or by Matoran Mask Makers with Kanoka disks.

All three of those are correct.