Bionicle summer 2015 set names CONFIRMED

My theory: the "mask maker" figure is generic, but both the mask of creation and the mask of control are included in the set so you choose which mask maker you build. It would be a pretty smart decision on LEGO's behalf, making the die hard collectors like us buy 2 of the sets.


theory for mask maker (aka Ekimu because who the heck else would it be)

(and if you need confirmation:)

(upper left wink)

anyway, looking at this picture here:

and this picture here:

makes me think that PoF and Ekimu have the same torso

however, Ekimu might also have a gear function as shown here

thus I think that Ekimu will have a similar torso to the PoF, but will also have a gearbox and perhaps slightly longer legs, as well as new armor


Based on the animations I'd say that's a safe bet.

As simple and lame as those names (that I'm getting used to) may be, I'm quite exited! The Toa will have something besides LoSS to fight with!

I just realized who is behind all this. Ready?'s no one else than our favorite gangster.....the Piraka!
Just think about it. Who had a Skull and were just as smart as Matoran and Toa in the old Bionicle? They did. Now they are controlling and army of Skull creatures under the order of Makuta!
(This is not to be taken seriously)


And many of us think the actual set is even more lame...

@Brikkyy13 To date we haven't seen any mask makers of any of the elemental tribes.
If the villagers pass masks down to their children (maybe after they
die?), I don't see why any mask makers other than Ekimu and Makuta would
be needed.

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I only said makuta and Ekimu....

The armor just looks like that of the Chima 2014 constraction models.

does this mean

Chimonicle confirmed?




It makes so much sense

tahu in his character spot

and the bears in the last couple eps


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I'm excited for the Mask maker vs Skull Grinder


Skull Basher = Tarakava.
Skull Scorpio = Nui-Jaga.


By readING these names I hope this does not have the same fate 2010 had.

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I wouldn't be scared if a set was bad because it had a cheesy name. The photos are out now, and they don't look like sets with only 16 brittle pieces. I actually really like them all.


I think that I am going to buy them all.

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