BIONICLE Summer Sets Available on Lego UK Store and Amazon UK

So after hearing the recent news about the G2 Summer sets I decided to check out the store and see what was available. To my surprise, the sets are available on the UK Store! I'm not sure about other online Lego stores, though.

I've just ordered Mask Maker & Skull Grinder, and Skull Basher. What are your plans for buying the new sets?


I'll look for them in later July if I can. II can't pay for shipping, so I'll have to search in July and hope they were released a month early like the first BIONICLE wave.


I need to save up $35 so I can get the largest set. Currently I'm at $25 so mowing the lawn and babysitting should cover it, then I'll go to the local Lego store to buy them


I have no plans...because I still can't decide which one to get, if any stuck_out_tongue
Curse my indecisiveness!


You should get Skull Warrior and Skull Grinder vs. Ekimu. I think those are the only ones worth it. personally.

Although because of the story I'm interested in Skull Slicer now, as well.

Always start with the biggest set after that you are on your own.

That's Code's advice

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I was about to order these sets from the UK Amazon

then I saw the conversion price

guess I'll just have to wait =(


Ooh, I didn't know they were available on Amazon. Aaand there's free shipping too—£3.95 down the drain. :cry:

I wanted to do the same thing...

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Obviously I have to get the set with the Mask of Creation. As for everything else, I doubt it. I'll probably wait until things show up in my area to get my loot, or maybe try the internet.

I still need Gali and Onua tho...

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I'll buy Ekimu VS s. grinder first.
then i have no idea.

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