Bionicle:Svetohi (G1 Redo)


This is redo of G1 Bionicle.
Story is divided into parts,which are divided into books.Parts are equivalent to years of G1.

Bionicle:■■■■■■■■■■■■ 1-Book 1-Coming of Toa

Chapter 1

Ga-koro floats on waters of Lake Naho in Ga-wahi,one of three main Ga-wahian lakes,others being Kapodi Squid filled Aubis Lake,and Everflow Lake with its strong currents.Ga-koro is one of six koros,Lebukan settlements.Gakoran houses are build on leaves of water plants that grew there.These leaves are also building material of gakoran houses.Base leaves are connected by bridges also made from leaves.

Inhabiting Ga-koro are Ga-vitali.Vitali are inhabitants of island Lebuke.They are short,with long arms,and glowing eyes.Vitali wear Kanohi masks,that they need to function.When Vitali wants to eat,drink,or show expression,his or her kanohi opens.Vitali are biomechanical.

There are six types of Vitali.Ga-vitali are water Vitali.They can swim well,and hold their breath under water for long time.They also see clear even under water.All Ga-vitali are female.

On one of leaves there is circle build from stones.Inside of circle is filled with sand.This circle is called Amaya Circle.There are many other amaya on Lebuke.Amaya circles are used for telling stories.Ga-vitali of Ga-koro are gathering to amaya.

Near circle is standing Turaga Nokama.Turaga are leaders of Koros.They are taller than other Vitali,can control their elements,and are wise and experienced.Nokama has got blue armor,is holding blade made from bone on long stick,and wears blue Rau,Kanohi of Translation.Blade can be also used as paddle,and is shaped like fins of some water rahi,for that it is called Fin Blade.

Different kanohi give their wearer different powers.In Vitali these powers are weak,in Turaga they are stronger,and in Toa,six beings who will come to save vitali from Makuta according to Turaga,they are greater than even in turaga.Toa also have great power over their elements.

Nokama begins her speech.“Long ago Hauka(Protector Spirit) protected,and helped us,people of Lebuke,Vitali.”.She shows large and tall white stone carved with stylised Kanohi Hau,mask of shieldng representing Hauka,and small round white stones around Hauka representing Vitali.

“All was well until his dark brother Makuta decided that he wants to rule Lebuke.Makuta ruled underworld,but wanted to rule more.”.She shows black,jagged,evil looking stone.

“Makuta put Hauka to sleep using spell and sent Rahi to bring us to underworld.”.She puts Makuta stone,and smaller jagged black stones representing rahi on Amaja. Nokama pushes Hauka stone with Makuta stone.It falls to ground and is buried by sand.Stones representing Vitali that were previously around Hauka are rolling in all directions,and some even fall of edge.

“Today Makuta still spreads his shadows,and sends rahi to attack us,but someday six Toa will come.”.She brings white stones resembling Hauka Stone,but without hau and smaller to Amaya.

"They will defeat Makuta and restore peace to Lebuke."Toa sent rahi stones rolling out Amaya,and surround Makuta.Makuta is sent flying and falls far away from Amaya.Vitali stones that fallen of edge return to Amaya.

As Nokama finishes her speech great waves form,and from them is heard reptilian hissing.Buzzing of great flies is heard from black cloud.Rahi are coming.

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Coming of Toa

Chapter 2

In Lake Naho there is island where many strange plants grow.Ga-vitali collect some of these plants for various purposes.In center of island there is hole filled with water.In hole there are Hibu Stones,for which is island named Hibu Island.Hibu stones are used to power machinery.

Metal object rises from under water,and moves to island.It stops when it hits beach.Lid falls of canister,and blue being comes out.She knows that she is Gali,but otherwise her memory is blank.

Gali is wearing Kanohi Kaukau,Mask of Water Breathing,she has hooks connected to her hands,and on her head she has not only her green hair,but also sensory whiskers that allow her to sense movement of water.

Gali explores island.She finds large seashell and takes it with her.Gali discovers many strange plants.One of these plants looks like rose with wasp striped closed flowers instead of thorns.

Its name is Kopen(wasp) Rose.Wasp colored “flowers” are named Firedust Bulbs.When touched,Firedust Bulbs release yellow dust called Firedust,because it hurts eyes,and tastes strongly spicy,which Gali quickly learn.

Gali avoids kopen roses and climbs uphill.She finds deep lake in which are blue stones.These stones are Hibu stones,but gali doesn’t know that.In lake,there is ga-vitali gathering Hibu.

Gali asks vitali “What is your name?” "I am Oblu."says ga-vitali and turns toward Gali.
"Are you Gali?"she says in surprised voice when she sees who she is speaking to.

"Yes I am.How you know me?"says Gali.“Turaga told me about you,she said that you,and other toa will come,and saves us from evil Makuta and his rahi!”

"Where you live?And who is your turaga?"asks Gali."Our turaga is Nokama.We live in koro."and points in direction of Ga-koro."Isn’t it far away?"asks Gali.

"I have boat.We could sail to koro on it."says Oblu."Good idea."agrees Gali,and she and Oblu board boat,and sail to Ga-koro.

This reminds me of Tahu’s concpet art back at comic con…