Bionicle: The Return Season 1 Episode 1: The Awakening

This is my first episode from my Bionicle series. It is short, but it is only the first episode. I want to be clear that I will use some mocs who I like from the boards, because I’m not very good at Bionicle characters. Enjoy!

Htes was walking on the desert of the Region of Stone. He was angry. His day was a regular one over one guy, who sad is an Order Agent, send him somewhere. He accepted, but there he found a guy who send him elsewhere. And again.

  • It’s a waste of time! He said. If I will find another guy, I swear I will…
    A weird sound started from Htes’s pocket. It was a device from the last guy he saw.
  • Oh. Cool! I arrived. In the middle of the desert. At least nobody is here…
    He start to walk around, when he heard a metallic sound. Under his feet he discovered an iron plate.
  • A secret place? Smart! But how can I enter there?
    Htes take something from his pocket.
  • Maybe a grenade can help me.
    He put the grenade on the plate. After he walk three meters, he detonate the grenade. The pit was deep and dark. He jump into it, and lit a lantern. In front of his eyes was a big tube, full of water. Inside of that tube, there was a silhouette. Htes remember what the Order Agent told him:
  • We want you to wake up a sleepy guy.
  • So, the sleepy guy is the one from the tube. Let’s see who are you.
    Htes take a boulder who fall in the pit. He smash the tube with it and let the water to spread everywhere. The silhouette fall from the remaining tube. Htes saw a Great Hau on the Toa who now was awake. The Toa wear a red armor. He raised himself in front of the Toa of Stone and said:
  • When am I?
  • Excuse me? Htes said.
  • When I entered in the tube the war was over.
  • What war?
  • Two big robots. An army of yellow Rahckshi. A Toa of Light. A Glatorian from Tesara.
  • Oh! Well, thet war was 3000 years ago.
  • Ah… well I slept too much.
  • Who are you? Htes asked.
    The Toa didn’t answer. He went to a table with some weapons and he take a fire sword.
  • Hey! Htes said.
  • My laboratory! The Toa said when he saw Htes’s pit.
  • Who are you! Htes said.
    The Toa Looked at him.
  • I am Tahu, The Toa Mata of Fire.

- @yolo360nosescope for Htes.


I’m quite speechless that you used my self moc in a story, thanks! I’m very interested in how this story will progress!

Ha! I am very happy you like it! Well, let’s say just that: It will be a good character. Also, if you want some other mocs to appear here, send me a message with a link at their pages.

nah I’m good, I got my own story to work on, I don’t want to cause confusion when there might be two of the same character in the same story (even though Htes is already in there), but thanks for the offer!

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