Bionicle: The Return Season 1 Episode 2 Old Man's Story

Htes knew that he need to know how the Toa survived, and why he find him into a tube. He bring him to his home, a little hut at the end of the city of Paka, the capital of the Region of Stone. He give him some food, but when Htes bring some water, Tahu said:
- No, thanks! I slept 3000 years in a water tube.
- Right. Why?
- What?
- Why did I find you in a water tube?
- Well, Htes…
- What? Why do you know my name?
- Let’s tell you my story…

3000 years ago…
Tahu was in his hut, near by a forest. He wonder when he thought that one week ago, there was a desert. He looked on the Golden Armor from his wall.
- Wow, he said. Only six gold pieces have the power of almost every single Rahckshi!
- Tahu! A voice said.
It was Gali.
- Hello, sister!
- Somebody want to talk with you.
- Sure!
A being enter into the room. His armor was dark orange, and has a staff in his hand with an orange
- So, you are Toa Mata Tahu? Asked the being.
- Yes. How are you?
- I am Angoce. And I am a Great Being.
- What?!
- Yes. And I am here to give you a chance to save the day again.
Angoce take something in his hand. It is the Mask of Time!
- How?
- Doesn’t matter! Listen, I saw the future. 2999 years in the future, an evil lord named Kulta will
Conquer the island of Okoto, and the world!
- Okoto is save!
- Not at all! In the future, on Okoto, there will be only one Toa, named Htes.
- And What do you want me to do? In the future I will be death.
- Not at all. I have a laboratory on Okoto, with a cryogenic tube. I will put you there, and you will
Sleep 2999 years, and after that, you will be ready to defeat Kulta!
- And who will awake me?
- An Order of Mata Nui agent will send Htes to awake you. Are you accept my offer?
- Yes.
- Good. Let’s go!

The present.

Htes was shocked.
- So… This was my destiny?
- What?
- To awake you? Should I became a Turaga?
- Of course not!
- Ok… But Kulta died 10 years ago…
- What? What are we gonna do now?
- We will go to the museum!

Credits to:
@yolo360nosescope- Htes


Toho: Okoto is save!
Angoce: no okoto is boutta get shrekt m9 im tellin u how it is bro cuz i luv u bby
Toho: okoto is defiantly save idk what u talkin bout bud.
Angoce: im like 420% sure broseph trust me
Toho: K

I loved the story, it made me laugh. I'll keep reading this

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Laugh? Why?
Do you read the first episode?

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Yeah, it's an interesting idea for g3.

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When I started this, I don't think somebody will like it!
P.S.: It is not really a G3 ideea, just a series.

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the plot thickens...

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I dunno, it just is. with the whole back story in time stuff, its pretty interesting.

No, I mean, do you like it or not?

Heck yeah I do!

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