Bionicle: The return season 1 episode 3: Kulta's plan

Htes looked at a villager who looked at him. It was the first time from the day when he became a Toa when everybody from a museum look at him, not because of he, but because he stay next to Tahu. After the second Tahu arrive finish his destiny noboby saw a Toa of fire. A little Ta-Matoran even ask him for an autograph. 
  • So, Tahu said, why are we here?
  • Because we need that mask, Htes said, looking at a poster who announce the new skeleton
    Mask gallery. This gallery have the real mask that Kulta wear.
  • So what?
  • A story said that after they were defeated, every skeleton go back to the Underworld, using
    The masks. So the masks are just a door. If a mask is put on a face of a death, he will resurrect. That means Kulta’s spirit still need this mask! It was gave to this museum last year. I should awake you 2999 years later, that means last year!
  • So if we have the mask we can know what Kulta want!
  • Exactly!
  • But how should we take it? We will steal it?
  • No! Of course not! We will buy it!
  • But we have no money!
  • I have an idea. Do you see that Le-Matoran over there?
  • Yes.
  • He is the manager of the museum. You are shorter than me. You will desguise yourself into a
    rich Matoran who want to buy something. Warning, don’t say you want to buy a mask, because he will come to show you the skeleton masks. I will be there and try to take the mask. After that I will do a sound like a Husa, and you will now that I take it.
  • Good. Now let’s go to your house to give me some rich things.

Ekimu was sleepy. He was in his forge, looking at a window at the City of Mask Makers. He never
Know that he is not alone. In his back there was a big two-headed skeleton creature, ready to strike him. When he looked in his back, he saw it, but it was too late. The creature strike Ekimu’s face and take the Mask of Creation. The creature looked at the mask.

  • God job, Ignax! A voice said.
    Ignax looked at a wall. A big shadow, with a big staff, a small sword and spiky armor was looking at
    him with two red eyes.
  • Master, Ignus said, I have The Mask of Creation. What do I do now?
  • You do the hard, now you need to bring my old Skeleton Mask. It is at the Museum from the
    Region of Stone.
  • Yes my master.

At the museum, the manager looked at some sort of Ta-Matoran. It was Tahu, with some clothes
and a mustache made of clay.

  • Hello! Tahu said. I am Toho, a very rich man, and I want to buy some from this museum!
  • Of course! What?
    This time, Htes already took the mask, but he wanted to see what Tahu wanted to say.
  • Well…
    Tahu looked at a poster with the “leg armor exposition”.
  • Leg armors…
    Then he looked at the poster with the “Makuta exposition”
  • For Makuta.
  • What?
  • Ahh…
    Tahu looked at Htes.
  • What? He said.
  • What did you said? Asked the manager.
  • Nothing!
    Htes was laughing, when the wall fom his back exploded. When he looked there, he saw a big
    Two-headed creature with four arms.
  • What? He said
  • Give me Kulta’s mask!
  • What sort of mess are you?
  • Htes! Tahu said. What is it?
  • It is our new friend! Mr. Messy!
    But when Htes wasn’t looking, Ignax strike him and he became unconscious. Tahu took his
    Firesword when Ignax took Kulta’s mask.
  • Put the mask down!
  • I finished my job here.
    Before Tahu was able to hit Ignax with his sword, the skeleton disappear. Tahu looked at the other
    Skeleton mask and take one. Then he take Htes and exit from the museum.

Can please, somebody tell me why is my writing turn into that format?

Credits to:
@yolo360nosescope for Htes
@Kikoa for Ignax

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our new friend, mr messy

he’s my best friend

LOL! Do you like this episode?

yea it was pretty enjoyable! the humors a nicec touch and the big bad kulta is mysteries,
(even though we all know kulta is a big push over in the original g2 story with little explored back story) but yea it was pretty good!

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