Bionicle: The Return Season 1 Episode 5: The Second Samurai

-Are you sure this is what Matoro told you to do? Tahu said.

  • Yes!
    Tahu was on a rock in the middle of a lava pool. Next to him there was a big column. Ten years ago, on the column there was the Golden Mask of Fire. Htes was at the end of the pool. He knew that he can’t told Tahu about Pohatu, so he said Matoro, another death Toa.
  • Nothing is happening! Tahu said.
  • Maybe you need to be on the column.
  • All right!
    Tahu jump on the column. He looked around him and said:
  • Still nothing!
  • Man! If you can’t power up yourself we will never defeat Kulta.
  • Maybe… Htes, watch out!
    Htes looked very fast around him and saw a big guy in grey armor with two guns fused with two swords. This guy tried to hit Htes with one sword, but the Toa catch the sword at time.
  • Who are you?
    The guy was a skeleton in grey and red armor.
  • You don’t remember me?
  • No.
  • What? We meet this night!
  • Well…… No.
  • In the Underworld! I am the Skull Gun-Man!
  • Who?
  • The cloud.
  • Aaaa! Mr. Cloudy! Why are you here?
  • What? Whatever, I am here to kill you!
    Skull Gun-Man tried to hit Htes with the other sword, but the Toa take the first one and run. The skeleton shot laser from his gun, and Htes keep running. He hide after a boulder and started to shoot from his gun.
    Tahu wanted to fight too, but then he saw a red spot on the column. He looked above and saw the night sky. Above him there was a red star. It was the Red Star itself.
  • Really? Tahu said.
    Then a big red light covered Tahu’s body.
    Htes remain without gun. Skull Gun-Man shot in it and destroyed it. The Toa take the big boulder above his head, but then the skeleton shot in the boulder and transform it into a lot of rocks who hit Htes’s head. Htes fell on the floor.
  • Ha, ha, ha! The Skull Gun-Man laugh. It is time to kill you!
    When Skull Gun-Man tried to hit Htes with his sword, another one stopped it. It was Tahu, but now he was… bigger.
  • Tahu? Htes said. You look like a samurai! Like Toa Jackie Chen!
  • How is this possible? The skeleton asked.
    Tahu used his sword and cut skeleton’s arms. He shouted and fell on the ground.
  • So… You will kill me? I was killed one time! I don’t want it again!
  • You need to pay for your actions! Tahu said.
  • OK… But Kulta will resurrect me again. Me, and every single criminal in the history of Spherus
    Magna. You will die!
  • Sure!
    Tahu cut skeleton’s head. Then he looked at Htes. In his hand, Htes had the remained sword blaster.
  • I like this weapon! I will use it in the fight versus Kulta. And after this maybe I will paint it in
    gold and black: my colors.
  • Htes, we need to fight with Kulta this night. I don’t think that tomorrow we will live anymore.
  • OK, Jackie Chen.
  • Who is this guy?
  • A Toa of Gravity. So we have exactly 6 hour, because at seven AM we will have a nice sunshine.
  • OK, so let’s go!

Credits to:

  1. @yolo360nosescope for Htes
  2. @Mister-N for Kulta the Samurai
  3. @Tyrigsus8V for Skull Gun-Man
  4. @Fighterf22 for Tahu the Samurai