Bionicle: The Return Season 1 Episode 6: The ultimate Chinese battle

Finally! The end of the season is here!
Htes was bleeding. He was on the floor of the Mask Maker Forge. He was trying to remember why he will die. Oh, yeah! When he and Tahu arrived there Ignox attack them. His leg was full of blood. He tried to look at Tahu. He was fighting with Ignox. He used his elemental power to burn him, and Ignox started to run into a window and feel at the earth.
Tahu ran to Htes.

  • So this is the way how I will die?
    Tahu make a blue flame in his hand and put it on Hte’s leg.
  • Great! Now my leg is on fire too.
  • This will heal you.
  • I still can’t walk.
  • Ha ha ha! Kulta’s voice laugh. You don’t need to walk anyway!
    Kulta appear in Tahu’s back.
  • So you became a samurai too?
  • Take your sword and let’s see who is more powerful!
  • Oh, brother! Htes said.
  • Wait, Kulta said, I have no sword. You know what the samurai code said!
  • Yes, I need to give you one of my swords.
    Tahu gave one of his swords to Kulta.
  • Are you kidding me! You could kill him! You gave him your sword!
  • This is what the code said.
  • REALLY? When do you learn it? Ah… Where is my shot gun?
    Tahu and Kulta started the fight. When their sword hit themselves they made sparks who felled on the ground. Htes was climbing on the floor to a corner. There was his shot gun taken from Skull Gun-Man. There was the Mask of Creation too. He looked at the battle. Tahu used his firepower to transform his blade into a firesword. Kulta’s sword crashed at the first shot.
  • What the code say now? Htes asked. To give him your sword?
  • I don’t need another one! Kulta said.
    The remain pieces from his sword glow into a blue light and it transform into a big blade with a skeleton mask and Chinese motifs.
  • Are you kidding me right now? You wear the Mask of Death! Not the Mask of Japanese Things!
    Kulta use his sword to crash Tahu’s fireswsord. Then he kicked his chest with his leg. Tahu fell on the ground.
  • It’s already too late! Kulta said.
    A light entered in Htes’s eyes. It was the sun. It was morning.

At the fire temple, Skull Gun-Man reentered into his old body.

  • Yes! He said. Kulta’s spell work! I am alive! Fourth time! But wait, why am I so short? Oh yeah, I
    am a head. Tahu cut my head… And my arms.
    The Skeleton saw how his body was walking here and there, searching for his head.
  • Hey, you! Dummy one! Come here! If we want to destroy and kill we need to work like one!

Kulta prepared to do his complete spell, but right then Htes took his shot gun and shot exactly in Kulta’s eye.

  • MY EYE!!! Kulta shouted.
  • What the code say now! Help him? KILL HIM!
  • Tahu took Kulta’s sword and use to cut Kulta’s arm. Then he jumped and hit Kulta’s head with
    his leg.
  • OOOOO! Htes said. You broke his face!
    Tahu created a giant fireball in his hands. Kulta’s body transform into a giant cloud shaped like him.
  • Finish him!
  • Do you really think you can defeat me? You can’t even find Pohatu, Kopaka and Lewa!
    Tahu looked at Kulta.
  • Run from my dimension, Kulta!
    Tahu used his fireball and disintegrate Kulta’s body. Bones fell from the remain cloud. But there was something more: a Mask. A Golden Mask. It was the Mask of Death. Tahu took him and went to Htes.
  • We win?
  • Yes.
  • Oh. Cool!
  • So what are we do now?
  • Maybe we will start by put the Mask of Creation on Ekimu’s face.
  • Who is Ekimu?
  • That guy who is unconscious on the floor.
  • Oh.

Htes was in his house near by the city of Paka. He was alone. On his table there were two thing: his new shot gun, now in gold and black, and Kulta’s sword. Tahu gave him it yesterday. When he meet Tahu, Htes prey to Mata Nui to take him. Know he Tahu was missing him.

  • Knock knock! A voice said at Htes’s door.
    It was Tahu, but not as a samurai. He was the same Tahu that he found in the tube, three days ago.
  • Hey.
  • Come one! Where have you been, partner?
  • What? Why aren’t you a samurai anymore?
  • Ekimu took me that powers.
  • Why?
  • Because I wanted this! We are partners now!
  • Awesome!
  • Come on!
  • Where?
  • In the city!
  • Why!
  • Ekimu made a parade for us!
  • I can’t believe this.
  • And there are two statues of us!
  • Mine is bigger!
  • When I was a samurai you wasn’t taller than me!
  • I am now!
  • Come on! Let’s go!
  • Yeah, buddy!

-So one is active now?

  • Yes.
  • And the other seven?
  • Unknown.
  • We need to find them.
  • But where could they be?
  • I don’t know.
  • Should I tell our troops to find them?
  • Yes! Our Master will have his revenge!

Special thanks and credits to:

  1. @yolo360nosescope for Htes
  2. @Mister-N for Kulta the Samurai
  3. @Tyrigsus8V for Skull Gun-Man
  4. @Fighterf22 for Tahu the Samurai
  5. @Kikoa for Ignax the Incinerator

The second season will come soon.

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China’s in BIONICLE now?


This piece of literature is really good and I can’t wait for the second season! Also ,thanks a million for using Ignax in your story, I’d be glad to give you a little more information and lore on him her if you want! Keep up the great work bro!

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First: thank you very much! I am glad to see that you like it.
Second: Ignax will be the bad guy of season two or three, so yes, give me some information on a pm (private message).

Yes! :grinning:

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Should Toa bleed? They´re biomechanical beings.

Well, if it´s your headcanon, I won´t judge.

Also, nice story.

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Where did I said something about blood? I can’t remember.

“His leg was full of blood”


OOOOOOOO! Yeah! Why not? Do you like the story?

It´s pretty great!

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