BIONICLE The shadows rise

so what do you guys think of some of the six finalized sets for 2017? we over at the shadows rise project have been working hard :slight_smile:

from the depths of the island comes the shadow okotin! infected by makutas power the toa must save them if they are ever to find the mask of ultimate power! each okotin features a arm swinging function with a shooting ziaxe shadow blaster.


Not bad. I’d give them a solid 9/10.

My favorites would be Lewa and Pohatu.

So is this meant to be a topic for your project or just for these mocs?


Something seems a little off about them, maybe it’s the size or the proportions, I dunno

I think they definitly work as a hord enemy. I would reconcider the place ment of the wing though

I want to know the same thing.


movd 2 leg kreeashunz


I’m just gonna ignore that one for now.

MOCs are…small. Okay I guess, but they’ve all got identical builds. Just the same design six times over.

The arms are also really bare on all of them.


When are these gonna be on shelves boi


I like these guys, but they could definitely use some variety in the builds.[quote=“squeaverking, post:10, topic:30849, full:true”]
When are these gonna be on shelves boi

13 BCE



depends chronicler…are you going to keep this topic open if i say yes?
this was just a general discussion about peoples thoughts on some of the (would be) sets the shadows rise team has come up with. this is a very similar project in every way to legacy but it was made up of the folks who believed that was going in the wrong direction. if it is possible to make this a discussion about the project then great!..but as so many of the things i post on this forum someone generally has a problem with…(ahem)…we will let someone else decide that. (side note) each model only has a wing on the one arm as the designer only had one available for use. there is two in the final model. these are individual characters according to the story. hutea shadow okotin of earth. ilaso shadow okotin of ice. reatu shadow okotin of water. neruhi shadow okotin of fire. muaka shadow okotin of stone. salma shadow okotin of jungle. these are just six sets from wave 1.

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Just checking, but this is unrelated to that other bionicle 2017 project, right.

im not sure what you mean.

Yes it is

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i have no idea. I’m sure there are a lot of projects like this out there.

Shouldn’t have to depend on anything. It was a simple question.

But since you describe it very much like a project, I’m gonna shut it down.