Bionicle: The tale of a war: Season 1 Episode 1: The war from the past

Distraxx was in his hut. The old Turaga looked at the fire from his face. He was with another Turaga, one of Fire.

  • Turaga?
    It was a local Toa.
  • I and my team helped the poor Matorans.
    Distraxx said nothing.
  • Turaga? Turaga Distraxx?
  • Yes, yes… Good.
  • So what do you want us to do now?
  • Distraxx, the other Turaga said, I think is the time to know.
  • Don’t be stupid!
  • It is! My Toa, please sit down. We will tell you an old story.
  • OK, I guess.

Toa Distraxx looked at his new guest. It was a guy with a black cape and a Pakari.

  • So, Distraxx said, why do you want to fight in this war?
  • It is worse: a civil war.
  • Why? And who are you?
  • I am Warter.
    Warter gave him some photos with a big blue cub.
  • You know what it is?
  • No.
  • It is a gem who possess big powers of space.
  • What?
  • It can destroy almost everything. A guy, we don’t know who, take some Toa, trick them, and
    Transform them into some killers.
  • So they think they do a good thng?
  • Yes. We already have some guys. But we need you more!
  • What are you?
  • What?
  • I thought that I am the only Toa of Shadows.
  • You aren’t. There exist more Kra-Matorans.
  • Ok… So what do you want from me?
  • I will lead you to a guy, named Vladin. There he will tell you what is the plan.
  • Ok… I don’t have a good sentiment about this job…



nobody right now…

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