Bionicle: The Tale of a War: Season 1 Episode 2: The Cube of Power

Warter and Distraxx arrived at the base. It was a big warehouse full of scientific things. Distraxx saw a lot of minirobots here and there.

  • There are our drones. We will use it at the war.
    Their walk in the base over they saw a Toa of Fire who was building another robot. In his back there was a big screen on the wall.
  • O! Warter! Good! I find who is the one who corrupted the Toa!
  • Who?
  • His name is Waj. He was an Ko-Matoran who became a Toa. He was the one who discovered the
    Space Cube.
  • Space Cube? Distraxx asked.
    The Toa looked at Distraxx.
  • He is the new agent?
  • Yes.
  • I am Toa Vladin.
  • I am Toa Distraxx.
  • Let me show you the Space Cube.
    On the big screen there appeared a transparent blue cube.
  • This is the Space Cube: a mighty gemstone who poses the power of teleportation and
  • So this is at Waj? Asked Distraxx
  • Yes.
  • And why he didn’t kill us?
  • Because he can’t use it. We recently got a recipient for the Cube. Without it, the cube will
    disintegrate the user or teleport it into another galaxy.
  • Oh.
  • He have his own agents who are searching for us. If they will find us, they will find the recipient
  • And where is it?
    Vladin pointed at a table. On it, there was a big blue canister.
  • That is?
  • Yes.
  • Why isn’t it locked?
  • Because they don’t know how they look, so we can leave it there.
    Distraxx locked at the canister.
  • Come on! Let me show you the two agents who are searching for us.
    On the screen appear an image of a guy with black and orange armor, with a transparent orange Hau.
  • Where did he got this Mask?
  • It’s his screen. He is Nexus, and he is the last from his race. The ones from this race are very
    small, so Nexus mad a suit for himself.
    The second image who appeared was of a guy who looked like a Toa of Stone.
  • He is Jal, a Toa of Stone. He is Nexus’s partner and a powerful guy.
  • This two guys are searching for us?
  • Yes. They didn’t find us yet, but I am sure they will do it soon.
    A sound who seemed like a door who is crashed was heard at the door. Warter, Distraxx and Vladin took their weapons.
  • Knock, knock! A voice said. Warter! Vladin! New guy! We are here! We are Nexus and Jal!
  • And we are here to take the recipient, or we will wash your brains!





This was a really fun read! I’m glad to know my self MOC is popular enough to be in… Well just about anything. Though you can use my character however you want, I just wanted to say he isn’t a Toa. More like a really tall matoran.

Can I steal this line?

For what?

Oh, not for any projects I just want to run around shouting it at people.

Of course! But I want copyright!
Like: "Or I will wash your brain!!! I steal it from Vladin’s story. "

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