Bionicle Versions Of Real-Life Idioms

A while back, I was reading the sixth book in the Metru Nui story arc, Maze Of Shadows. Early in the book, there’s a passage where Onewa asks Vakama “Who died and made you Mata Nui?” This is perfectly in-character for Onewa-he’s always challenging Vakama’s authority, so he made a play on the real-world phrase “Who died and made you king?”

But it did make me wonder what other kinds of real-life idioms could be translated into Bionicle jargon. Obviously, there are certain statements, such as “Get off on the wrong foot” that would translate seamlessly into Bionicle. But there are others that, I think, could work as figures of speech in the Bionicle universe. For example:

  • Don’t put the cart before the Ussal crab
  • Makuta’s advocate
  • Pakarian strength
  • Wild Rahi chase
  • Muaka’s share
  • You can lead a Rahi to water, but you can’t make him drink
  • All roads lead to Kini-Nui
  • Seventh Artahka

I’m sure there are a lot more possibilites…


Don’t poke an ash bear.

  • Kill 2 gukkos with 1 stone
  • Bite the kanoka disk

That’s all I’ve got for now


Well, now at least we’ve got all our Mata Nui Fishing Birds in a row. :+1:

That being said, let’s all take care not to count our rahi before the viruses go into the energized protodermis, and remember that you can catch more protodites with vuata maca than you can with thornax stew.
After all,
Where there’s smoke, there’s Tahu. :point_up:


My favorite was always “Rahi-bones” in place of mincemeat.

Not quite an idiom, but similar idea.


Does using Karzahni as a pseudo swear count?



I personally am of the persuasion that using Web of Shadows as a pseudo swear would be far more fitting. :point_up:

Also, some more idiom ideas:

  • More bang for your buck — More wallop for your widget
  • Tough nut to crack — Difficult thornax to boil
  • Fan the flames — Put Kopaka next to Tahu
  • You’re no saint — You’re no Matoro
  • It’s hardly Yates (meaning “it’s hardly the work of * insert famous artist here *”) — It’s hardly Artakha
  • Well, this is quite the predicament we’ve gotten into — Well, this is quite the nui rama nest we’ve landed in
  • Wrong end of the stick — Business end of the kanoka launcher
  • Dead as a doornail — Busy/relevant/needed as Tren Krom (or would Tren Krom be someone whose name they seldom utter due to fear and/or reverence?)
  • Tickles my funny-bone — Launches my tickle-spinner

And, as a bonus, a nasty one-liner:
“I wouldn’t say you’re old, but when the Great Beings made Helryx, you were the one they modeled the design after.”


Here’s My List

I Can’t Understand You When You Talk Like That — Sorry I Don’t Speak Kikanalo.

40 Shades Of Gray—40 Shades Of Nothing.

My Word!—My Nui-Stone!

Neptune’s Beard!—Mata-Nui’s Face!

Shaken Not Stirred—Protodermis Not Burned.

You’re Such A *%#<~$;!—You’re Such A Dermis-Turtle.

You NumSkull!—You Krekka!

I’ve Seen More Smarts In A Hockey Stick!—I’ve Seen More Smarts In A Kolhii Stick!

And That’s All I’ve Got For Now, Enjoy! =D


Or maybe “The Turaga of my village could do so-and-so better than you!”


Lol, good one.:+1::rofl:

Although, technically, speaking, even though turaga may look pretty old and helpless, they’re technically both slightly taller and physically stronger than matoran, in addition to retaining a smidge of elemental power from their toa days and being able to use noble masks, so that expression might, in most cases, be less of an insult and more just a statement of fact.:thinking:


And I’m Glad You Liked My Work!
Also I have One More For You Guys For Now,
You’re Not The Brightest Bulb In The Bunch.— You’re Not The Brightest Avohkii In This Toa Team.


One could also use “Not the brightest lightstone…”.

Here’s some more:

  • I’ve seen Skakdi with more class then him
  • When life gives you thornax, you make a launcher
  • Beating a dead Kikanalo
  • (An idea for a Xian expression) He’s doomed — His foot is caught in the Mountain’s crevice
  • Bring owls to Athens — Bring water to Ga-Metru
  • They threw me under the bus — They threw me onto the Vahki’s staffs
  • Pearls before swine - Great masks before Skakdi
  • Apples to oranges — Vuata maca to thornax
  • Dollars to doughnuts — Ahkmou to trouble
  • The devil is beating his wife — The Makuta is whipping his Rahkshi
  • When hell freezes over — When Karzahni’s falls flow with water/When the Mountain’s grasses are no longer acidic
  • Elvis has left the building — Lewa/Pohatu/Matau has end-left the building
  • He got my goat — He motivated my mahi

And a bonus one from the reject cutting floor:

  • Prevention is better than cure — The Brotherhood are better than The Barraki

And some for Hero Factory:

  • Next of kin — Next of Make & Model
  • Brother from another mother — Knock-off from another assembly line

It’s raining gukkos and mahi

  • A Trip to The Sun — A Trip to The Red Star
  • Like Father, Like Son — Like Artakha, Like Onua
  • Clarion Call — Helryx Hail
  • When in Rome — When in The Tren Krom Peninsula
  • Cat got Your Tongue — Muaka got Your Tongue
  • Red Herring — Red Gadunka
  • Those Three Little Words — Romance isn’t Canon :stuck_out_tongue:

I think “It’s raining muakas and hapakas” works a little better :slight_smile:


Maybe a couple songs to sing out:

Ninety-nine bottles of protodermis on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of protodermis, you take one down, you pass it around, ninety-eight bottles of protodermis on the wall!

And, even though I despise Pinkfong…

Takea Shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo, Takea Shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo, Takea Shark…

ugh, now it’s stuck in my head…

  • Let Sleeping Dogs Lie — Let Iron Wolves Lie
  • Jump the Gun — Leap the Launcher
  • Hit the Books — Take to the Tablets
  • Straight from the Horse’s Mouth — Straight from the Sand Stalker’s Mouth
  • Read the Riot Act — Unleash the Archives’ Exhibits
  • A Few Fries Short of A Happy Meal — A Few Great Disks Short of A Vahi
  • Queensberry Rules — Daxia Decorum
  • It Takes Two to Tango — It Takes Both to Battle
  • I Heard on the Grapevine — I Heard through the Chute System
  • Cut the Mustard — Carve the Kanohi
  • Monkey Business — Brakas Monkey Business
  • Yesterday’s Man — Yesterday’s Tren Krom
  • Have no Truck with — Have no Caravan with
  • Penny for Your Thoughts — Widget for Your Wonderings


ok most of these are pretty cringe but that one made me smile


I’m pretty sure this one appeared officially, actually.