Bionicle: Viri-Nui

Rain drops pelleted the lush, green flora of Le-Viri. Keellin gazed at the stormy sky from his hut. It was mid-day, yet no matoran had left their hut yet, due to the rain. Keellin was always puzzled by why no one would leave their hut during a storm. He gave it some thought,but couldn’t figure out why. He turned and looked around his hut. It was quite cramped, but he didn’t mind. It was his home. A crack of lightning illuminated his dark hut. He turned back to the storm. It seemed to be lightening up.
Once the storm was over, Keellin dashed out of his hut. He ran to his good friend, Gonu’s hut. Keellin banged on the door. Gonu opened the door slowly. He was still half asleep.
“Why are you still sleepy?” asked Keellin.
“I had trouble sleeping. The crash-bang of the thunder kept me up.” replied Gonu.
“Oh, well, come on! We’ve gotta get to the Leaf-Dawn festival ever-quick!”exclaimed Keelin.
“Ok, but enough with the loud-talk.” Gonu snapped. Keellin smirked and ran off. Gonu was not far behind.
“You’re a real bog-foot, Gonu! sneered Keelin. Gonu grunted and sprinted as fast as he could. He was on Keellin’s heels. Other Le-matoran watched as they dashed through Le-Viri. they ran from platform to platform, never stopping.
Turaga Morik stepped out of his hut and stretched his aching, mechanical body. He looked up at the cloudy sky.
I hope the Great Spirits will keep the storms at bay during the festival. He thought.
suddenly, two green blurs flashed before him. Morik was blown back. He watched the blurs disappear into the village.
As they approached the site of the festival, Keellin made a sudden stop. This caused Gonu to tackle him.
“what was the sudden stop for?” Gonu uttered. Keellin didn’t respond. Gonu looked at his stunned friend.
“Are you alright?” asked Gonu. Keellin still didn’t answer. Gonu looked to see what had stunned him. Toa Torani was flying up in the clouds. He spiralled around and did flips. Gonu watched as the agile toa soared across the sky. He must have noticed them, because he dived and landed right behind them. They turned around.
“Hello there! Did you enjoy my quick-soaring?” the toa asked the matoran.
“You were amazing up there!” exclaimed Keellin.
“Why, thank you. I was just returning from Viri-Nui. As I approached, I saw your fast-chase.”
“These two nearly had a hard-fall, but luckily your showmanship kept them safe” said a voice from behind the toa. Torani turned. Turaga Morik was standing there, leaning on his staff. He had a slight grin on his face.
“Go on now, matoran. There is a lot of work to do before the festival. Gonu and Keellin nodded and ran off.

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Toa Tetahi worked endlessly in a dimly lit tunnel. He swang away at the earth with his great pick. He continued, until he hit something very hard. He swept away the dirt and rock to find the most dazzling gemstone he had ever seen. Tetahi gently picked it up and opened his rucksack. It was full of gems and crystals. He put the stone inside and closed it.
As he hammered away at the earth, he heard footsteps echo through the tunnel. He stopped. The steps were getting closer.
“Who’s there?” Tetahi hollered. A light appeared around the corner. The light was blinded Tetahi, having been in the dark for some time. The steps and light had come from Pinori, a young Onu-matoran.
“Hello, toa Tetahi,”chirped Pinori, “I came down here to give you a message from Turaga Paru.” The matoran reached into his pack and pulled out a letter. Pinori handed it to Tetahi, and left the way he came. He read the letter. and put it in his rucksack. He continued on mining.
Later that day, Tetahi returned to Onu-Viri. He went to Turaga Paru’s hut.
“what brings you here, toa?” questioned the Turaga.
“I was wondering why you needed me to go to Ta-Viri.”
“Turaga Volano needed you, your brothers, and sister to search for toa Faruas.” replied Turaga Paru. Tetahi was stunned.
“Since when has Faruas been missing?” he questioned.
“I heard the the news today, but Faruas has been gone for three days now.”
Tetahi sighed. He only now learned of his brother’s disappearance. He was determined to find him and learn why he left. Tetahi left Paru’s hut, and Onu-Viri.
Once outside the village, Tetahi uncovered a large cave. Inside was his personal vehicle, the Tunneler. He entered the vehicle. It had been a long time since he had last used it. He revved the engine. The Tunneler was running well. Tetahi Hit the gas, and sped down the Onu- Viri Passage.

Once the sun had completely set, the Leaf-dawn Festival finally began. The forest began to glow from the light stones. There was music playing and matoran were dancing. Everyone was having a great time. Keellin pounded away at his drum. He loved to make music with Gonu and Vigi. Gonu played the flute, while Vigi plucked the strings on a harpe. Everyone loved their music. Once Turaga Morik stepped on the stage, they all stopped playing their instruments. Everyone else went silent.
“I am happy-cheer to see everyone is enjoying our festival. Unfortunately, I have some terrible-bad news,” the Turaga cried, “I have received word that the toa of fire has disappeared.” All of the matoran began to talk amongst themselves.
“Stop all of the loud-talk!” exclaimed Morik. Everyone fell silent.
“Toa Torani will be leaving Le-Viri for some time.” At that moment, Torani dived down and land next to Turaga Morik. Everyone cheered. He waved to the matoran. The excitement quickly died down.
“What happened to toa Faruas?” asked a matoran in the crowd.
“That is what the toa-heroes and I plan to seek-find.” answered Torani.
“With this oak-new news out of the way, please continue the festival.” Turaga Morik said before exiting the stage. Toa Torani followed him to the backstage.
“Will you be needing the Cloud-surfer for this journey?” asked Morik.
“I will take it anyways.” replied Torani.
“Then you should be on your way.”
Torani nodded, and glided down to his hut. He opened the door. The hut was very dank. Torani climbed onto his glider and soared through his roof,into the canopy, and into the clouds. He loved being high in the air. He felt free. Back at the festival, Keellin noticed the Cloud-surfer. He watched it rise up into the clouds, until he could no longer see it.