BIONICLE vs. Harry Potter

So my friend and I got in a discussion about which would win in a fight between BIONICLE and Harry Potter, and I’d like some help for finding some evidence of why BIONICLE would win


They have two giant robots, Makuta are super OP, and there are millions of fighters on the Bionicle side.
HP doesn’t have all that power, or numbers.


I’d say in terms of powers, they’re pretty evenly matched. Toa can use their elements and masks to do a number of things HP characters can do with spells, and while the witches and wizards would be able to do a wide variety of things, the Toa might outstrip them in the ability they have to control their powers.

In terms of physical combat, any being from the BIONICLE Universe would easily win.

I think this one is best left to the more skilled debaters…

It’s like transformers vs humans, lol
Avada kedrava>Bionicle

You do realize that the Toa and the like live on a pretty big planet? If they came to earth, the change in gravity would make them about 7’5". Tahu could probably step on Ron before he could recite a spell, and he’d die.

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Not really mate, Toa are the size of a slightly higher human male. They are about 1.6 bio which is roughly 1.9-2.2 meters.

But that was just the size of an average Toa Metru, imagine the Skopio, Maxilos, Icarax, Umarak…
Plus, since there are Toa of jungle, they could literally break a (wooden) super magic wand in an instant.
Then imagine the Skull Villains (which are undead), they would be immune to every deadly spell.


That’s not my point…my point is that Jakami was incorrect about Toa’s sizes.

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Yeah but there are certainly huge creatures in bionicle.
I get your point though.

I have to say that I love this “epic fight” topic!


You know I had an idea about that and this makes me want to pursue it again…

Then again the Kakama is even more broken, just take their wand, snap it, stick the pieces up their nose making them look like a walrus, then give them a boot up the rear before they can even blink.

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Bionicle would definitely be the victor. Not only because of the ridiculously powerful Toa and Makuta it has, but the Rahi as well.

Just think: A Zivon, Tahtorak, and Kardas dragon would utterly annihilate the HP universe.

I mean Avada-Kedavera seems pretty OP, but then again Kanohi Masks are pretty OP too, so I don’t know…

The thing you all are forgetting is that the Bionicle characters (G1 at least) are artificially sentient, not truly alive. This means Avada-Kedavera wouldn’t have an effect on them.

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Also, Tren Krom with his enormous mental power could put a dent in them

Wouldn’t it kill their organic components, at least? That would be a major setback.

This is a silly debate.

Why would the two universes be fighting each other?

Why would everybody suddenly stop fighting and band together?

And anyway, are there any Harry Potter experts here?
You know, someone who knows all the little details of everything about the Harry Potter universe, just like us and Bionicle.

Or is this a silly, and uninformed debate?

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It can be assumed that the organic components are simply being used by the Bionicle bodies, but isn’t actually alive.

This to say that Bionicle characters don’t have souls.

Now as for AVADA KEDAVRA, it seems to be a spell intended on separating body and soul. This is evidenced by Horcruxes’s ability to keep a soul tethered to Earth as a spirit.

Also, spells have a “travel time” and can be stopped by deflecting it with another spell or a wall. A Hau could theoretically block the spell, a wall of Ice could block or maybe even reflect the spell, a Kakama could grant speed to dodge the spell, etc.

All this to say, AVADA KEDAVRA probably wouldn’t have any effect on a Bionicle character, and if it did, it could still be dodged.


Never mind the complex stuff, a makuta has more than enough power to render a human useless isntantly, magic or not, shadow bolts are basically Avada kedavra anyway, a makuta’s dodge ability, Gravity/magnetism manipulation, pore scream, laser vision, teleportation, elasticity, etc. Would render anything from HP useless, never mind they can turn invisible, ■■■■■■■■■■, and instantly turn people both deaf and blind.

Oh and if you had a felnas you could just cause Avada Kedavra to backfire killing its owner (lol)


The canonically do, though. That’s what the Iden is all about. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, their bodies have to be feeding nutrients and energy to their organic components, or else they’d decay eventually (I doubt even formaldehyde lasts for 100,000 years). They have to be alive, at least in some sense.


Well I mean
No one in Harry Potter is essentially a walking atom bomb, like basically anyone who’s not a Matoran, so…