BIONICLE Vs. Hero Factory Vs. Slizers: Dawn Of constraction

As much as I love the slizer nostalgia, bonkles it is for me! it just offers more in the way of variety and story.
And hero factory? don't even get me started.

I think all three have their high points and their weak spots.

Slizers had very tight, function-oriented builds with minimal pieces, and strong, unique, and rather alien designs across the board. The story was... well, kind of a mess, but there was a lot of potential there. Plus, I just loved the aesthetic; this one is incredibly nostalgic for me personally.

With Roboriders, the designs were decent but not as good, and the story was pretty lame. Unlike Slizers, this one didn't really have much room for growth.

Bionicle G1 definitely wins in terms of story, but the sets tended to vary wildly in quality, with some of the most amazing and some of the most terrible of all of the lines.

Hero Factory introduced the CCBS System, and had an interesting premise. On both counts, however, it generally failed to utilize what it had... to quote an obscure 2009 movie, "we had such potential, such promise, but we squandered our gifts."

Bionicle G2 is still in its early days, but so far it seems to be expanding on the foundations HF laid rather nicely, and hopefully the story will strike a nice balance between G1's complexity and HF's simplicity.


cough cough Av-Matoran, Gali Mistika cough cough

but yeah my thoughts are
Slizers- don't know enough about, but the figures looked cool
Robo Riders- I know nothing, some of the builds where okay-ish
Hero Factory- Such potential, so wasted
Bionicle- The best story with, well as CGL said, sets that varied wildly in quality


BEN-10 you plebs ;p

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Both themes were meant for separate groups and each has its own merits depending on what you're looking for, and what you want. Plain as that. This topic seems like it could end up being the cause of many hurt feelings, broken hearts, and rage between users. Don't start the civil war man.


It's just a discussion about plastic toys. How bad could it be?

I feel like HF had so much potential, and then just kind of threw it out the window, it's sad really, could have been our next bionicle


It sounded like the Villain Factory thing introduced in Breakout had a lot of potential, but they just completely forgot about the story arc and moved on.


Hero Factory had a lot of potential, but never carried on with the points that had the potential in the first place.

Similarly, BIONICLE had a lot of potential, but it was too focused on explaining every little detail and destroyed all sense of mystery. At least HF had mysteries near the end of its run, albeit because of poor planning and story telling, but still!

There are things about both that make me look back at them with a cold, black heart, full of hate. Then there are some things I like. Then there are some things that I really, really don't like. (Hewkii and Macku deserved to be a couple dag nabbit!)


Ok well um

Hero Factory tried to have actual characters but they ended up being cookie cutter dough. There's the veteran, the rookie, the guy with the Jewish accent, lady, musical dude, Hulk, and young idiot. The villians were worse, with no discernable backstory other than "they do bad things."

That is to say BIONICLE didn't do similarly also, with Tahu being hot tempered, Kopaka being cold, and Onua being down to Earth. But it was on a more tolerable level where the relationships and conversations with the characters were good enough so I don't take a sledgehammer to the face.

The sets for Hero factory were bad. I never liked them.

1.0- Everyone is stiff as rocks. Anything else that didn't look like it was from BIONICLE was Ben 10 creature stuff that was a big no.

2.0- CCBS, it was a good system. Too bad everyone with a shield had this one ugly arm, everyone had no back armor, and pretty much everyone suffered from the most stupidest asymmetry ever.

3.0- Actually moderately good. The back armor wasn't fixed, and I still had some problems but it wasn't too bad.

4.0- First wave was ok to good, the second wave was not really good. I hated stormer XL, Nex, and XT4.

5.0- nononononnonononono. Still no back armor, literally no gimmicks other than spinny things or flick fire missiles, bad set design choices, and overall it was no.

6.0- definite no. the sets were at the very best okish.

BIONICLE has some moderately good sets, too, but they usually were infested with dumb greebles that made them look like robots that make servo noises.

In the end, BIONICLE wins.


@SpookMeister OBJECTION!
The first wave of HF featured the heroes with an AV Matoran-esque build and villains with Glatorian builds. To hate those sets is to hate the several last years of BIONICLE.

Also, I find Jaw Beast to be one of the first truly good CCBS sets released. The story may have been awful, but the beast and mech sets were not.

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... what?
Villians were mediocre I guess, they were good but they didn't look like they fit into Hero Factory. Also, Vapour sucks, and so does Meltdown and to an extent, Thunder.
Rotor is the only good set I liked, and even then he could've easily fit into BIONICLE.

I never liked the av-matoran build. Granted I liked the stars because they tried to spice it up with 2 grains of pepper, the 1.0 heroes were literally the exact same thing except for color changes and that 1/2 of them had these dumb cannon arms that were a hunk of plastic.

@SpookMeister At this point in time it seems to me that you're a bit clouded by bias, as the first wave of villains for HF was actually pretty good. I liked some of them a lot more than the Glatorian. Just because they could fit into another theme, doesn't make them any less appealing.

I'm not saying that BIONICLE wasn't BETTER, I'm just saying that HF wasn't as bad as people make it out to be, and that the first was was extremely excellent for what it was.

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...what bias?

I really kind of liked these sets as a 10 year old. They were cool visually but really they were not good. The "glatorian" build for the villain sets weren't even glatorian build at all-- only ben 10 torsos with bionicle limbs. Look at Meltdown, Vapour, and Thunder. They might have looked cool when I was 10 but when I look at them their build are questionable.

In all:
-Heroes were clones, big chunks of plastic that really are just glorified Av-matoran builds, with 3 of them having a hunk of plastic for an arm.

-Villians weren't so bad, but they didn't fit too well into HF.

@SpookMeister Again, you're factually incorrect. The torso's were NOT the Ben 10 torsos.

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Okay, they aren't the ben 10 torsos. Still doesn't mean they're glatorian. A thornraxx launcher on a figure doesn't mean a glatorian.

@SpookMeister They're literally the same build. What, do you want to attach a lower section to an upper section that bad? Is that even important? Everything else is literally the same. It's a glatorian build.

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Okay, glatorian build or not I don't like these guys. They all have questionable design choices that I don't like whatsoever. Rotor and Von Nebula were good, but they were high piece count sets.

I could see that. The Figures had limited articulation and such.

I would have to disagree there. Some of the figures worked pretty well, like Evo and Breez in my opinion. Are they the best things from CCBS? No.

When it comes to back Armor, I think the addition of a 2.0 Shield would of really helped. I guess that passed through the HF designers' heads.

I would have to agree there.

I would have to disagree, again. Most of the Sets looked pretty Great, including Stormer XL. He does have his Faults, but he's probably one of the best CCBS Figures from HF.

Actually, Most of the figures either had Back Armor or Weapon Storage, soooooo...


Here's the thing; BIONICLE had just about as many errors, maybe even more.

It really comes down to what your opinions on the sets are, I guess.

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07 Matoro and all the Toa Hordika, those were some pretty big errors. They were all spindly and kinda ugly looking. Another fault of 2005, other than the Hordika, was Vakama's betrayal, it didn't really fit in with his personality and felt kind of forced. Then there were all of the bad guys, good guys, and functions.
I would have to say that Bionicle made more errors due to the fact that it ran longer than HF. Mo' time, mo' problems.