BIONICLE Vs. Hero Factory Vs. Slizers: Dawn Of constraction

I could see that. The Figures had limited articulation and such.

I would have to disagree there. Some of the figures worked pretty well, like Evo and Breez in my opinion. Are they the best things from CCBS? No.

When it comes to back Armor, I think the addition of a 2.0 Shield would of really helped. I guess that passed through the HF designers’ heads.

I would have to agree there.

I would have to disagree, again. Most of the Sets looked pretty Great, including Stormer XL. He does have his Faults, but he’s probably one of the best CCBS Figures from HF.

Actually, Most of the figures either had Back Armor or Weapon Storage, soooooo…


Here’s the thing; BIONICLE had just about as many errors, maybe even more.

It really comes down to what your opinions on the sets are, I guess.

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07 Matoro and all the Toa Hordika, those were some pretty big errors. They were all spindly and kinda ugly looking. Another fault of 2005, other than the Hordika, was Vakama’s betrayal, it didn’t really fit in with his personality and felt kind of forced. Then there were all of the bad guys, good guys, and functions.
I would have to say that Bionicle made more errors due to the fact that it ran longer than HF. Mo’ time, mo’ problems.


That’s definitely true, but it really shows how BIONICLE and Hero Factory are on somewhat equal grounds.


g2 wins end of story :wink:


Aquaman isn’t useless. The Super Friends version of him was useless. Galidor would be the golden age Ten Eyed Man.

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@BruceMeltdown: OT is correct on this front.
@Omega_Tahu: True, provided they knew of its existence and could obtain it before it was activated, but that still doesn’t change the fact that the HF side of the fight could potentially wipe out the Spherus Magna System before its residents even knew what happened. I’m not particularly fond of the idea either, but facts are still facts.

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Assuming that HF knew the threat the Spherus Magna system was.

From what I see here, you’re assuming that HF knows about bionicle but bionicle doesn’t know about HF

If they knew about each other, it wouldn’t take long for the Makuta/teleporting beings to begin a rapid search for the doom box.

If they didn’t know, then maybe HF would be able to have enough time to activate the doom box, but a mind read would probably give it away.

And in reality, if they were to go to war, they would probably most likely just talk things out and get along.

I assumed nothing. For all we know, Core Hunter could’ve picked a random galaxy to test out the full capabilities of the device, and the one containing Spherus Magna just happened to be it.
Plus, he wouldn’t even need to be on Spherus Magna in order to destroy it, and he probably wouldn’t want to be anyway, given that he might get caught up in the crossfire. Even if anyone did know he was there, I’d find it highly doutful that they’d be able to read his mind if he’s currently hanging out in space.

You’re assuming quite a bit actually.

You just assumed that Core Hunter would casually use the weapon, and that Bionicle is in the same universe as HF, and happened to be in a galaxy where Core Hunter would use it.

You assume that he would stay out of the crossfire, and that the makuta wouldn’t find him if he’s hanging out in space. You also assume he would be hanging out in space and not on a planet.

An assumption is something accepted as a fact that isn’t based on anything.

you’re literally basing your win condition on a “what if” wth

Well, if you build a nuke, common sense dictates that you’re probably going to be testing it at some point in order to make sure if it works first before you start threatening people with it. Same principle applies here.
As for the latter, I believe it was actually confirmed by Greg somewhere that they indeed were, but the distance between them was so far apart that the two societies had yet to ever interact with one another.

Name one planet within a galaxy that would be far enough away to avoid being destroyed along with said galaxy it currently resides in in the event that it becomes targeted for destruction. Short answer; you can’t. If he’s on another planet, then chances are, he was never even in that galaxy to begin with, making it even less likely for him to be found and more likely that everyone from the Bionicle side would die. And as for the Makuta issue, you’re still trying to have them pinpoint one mind over a ridiculous amount of distance with little to no reason to start doing so whatsoever, since they’d have no preexisting knowledge of the attack in this scenario, nevermind explaining how they’d even get out of the GSR or off of Spherus Magna in order to disarm it, as it doesn’t even need to be anywhere near them to kill them all off.
Plus, why would you even enter a galaxy you planned on wiping from the very face of existence while you were still in the process of trying to do so? That has suicide written all over it.
I repeat, it’s not an assumption; it’s a very real possibility. I’m not saying that it would necessarily play out that way, mind you, just that it could, which still establishes the Doom Box as a pretty major factor.

This entire conversation is based around an anachronistic “what if” situation regarding a potential crossover between two themes of toys meant for children.
We’ve long since past the point of applying any form of sanity to our reasoning. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, I never kept up with Hf, but are you saying someone was seriously stupid enough to build a literal nuke everything button?

Bionicle has insanely powerful characters and items, but it has the internal logic that everything’s incredibly powerful so it balances out, even the ignika’s kill everyone function was limited to the gsr.

Having a button that just nukes a galaxy out of existence is lazy and broken to the point that nothing short of a god-like force can counter it.

Basically, the bionicle side would decimate the Hf side, except the Hf side has a nuke everything button that just force win scenarios every time,
To create a metaphor,
bionicle is a level 99 rogue, Hf is a level 5 paladin who enabled godmode and smites bionicle with lightning, killing them instantly,
yes Hf technically wins the battle, but it’s not exactly a test of skill now is it?


So they are in the same “universe” but are too far away to have interacted.

It would make sense they are in seperate galaxies.

And the preexisting knowledge comes from reading the minds of other inhabitants.

Not to mention, Makuta and probably a couple other things could survive the doombox.

Heck, I bet the GSR could if it has all the powers it’s inhabitants had at it’s disposal.

Plus, testing a well known and feared device that’s name is scary?

With a reputation like that, why bother testing it and giving away the location of the box, while also distancing yourself from it. It doesn’t make sense. It’s not like a nuke where you launch it and that’s it. To use it again you have to race with everyone else to retrieve it.

Something we happen to agree on.

Except that the other Spherus Magnans would also have no reason to suspect it, leaving the Makuta just as vulnerable as everyone else.

Granted, if some were using their Stasis Field power at the time, they might survive it’s activation, since it also renders them damage immunity.
But again, if they don’t know what’s happening, they wouldn’t know to use it.

The GSR’s Gravity powers alone could probably be used to toss it into a black hole or something equally ridiculous, provided it had enough prep time.

A well-known and feared device from one galaxy could resemble a paperweight in the eyes of those from another. And, due to the distance, the HF and Bionicle sides are likely completely in the dark regarding each others’ existence. If someone discovered Atlantis, for example, told no one of its location, and then proceeded to blow it up and destroy all evidence hinting at said location, no one would ever be the wiser. Same with the Doom Box itself; if it’s current whereabouts are unknown to the populace at large and they were also unaware of its usage, no one aside from Core Hunter would know where to retrieve it from.
Granted, I’ll admit that if merely holding the device granted immunity from its destructive properties, then that’s another situation entirely. But in order for that to be confirmed or not, we’d need to run that by Greg.

Bionicle G2= doomsday
Ben 10= the flash
Super heroes= cyborg
Chima= aquaman
Star wars= Stephenwolf

In terms of how powerful everyone was, I’d say Hero Factory would upgrade to adapt to the Toa’s powers. I don’t know enough about Slizers but I imagine they’re lacking in the butt kicking department

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Those Hockey Constraction sets from the Sports line, released in 2003, came with a lot of very useful parts and recolors, but I feel like nobody is talking about them, and their pieces are vastly underused. What are your thoughts on them?


I think they look neat, but I arrived too late for these.

Even though I don’t have any of the hockey sets, I’d love to have their recolored Bohrok shields!

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What do you mean by that?