BIONICLE Vs. Hero Factory Vs. Slizers: Dawn Of constraction

Topic for your thoughts on the matter of which is the best Constraction series of all time, Bionicle, Hero factory or Slizers(this includes Robo-Riders). make sure to back up your argument and tell us why the other 2 don't make the cut.

topic only includes original technic inspired (now ccbs) constraction of legos own intellectual property (exaple ben10 and superheroes don't count. also knights kingdom and exo force don't count either since they are not technic inspired)


This would be a fricking sweet movie


I think this is pretty easy. As much as I love the CCBS System, Bionicle offers just as much, if not more. It had a piece for just about everything, a more riveting story, more well defined characters, and an overall greater atmosphere.

Hero Factory is OK. That's pretty generalized, but it's true. The Sets were kind of split for me. You either had some interesting CCBS Builds and a Parts Pack that gets you some pretty nice pieces or you just got a hunk of Junk. Evo Walker, I'm looking at you. I love the system; it allows for quick and easy armor, with some detailed clippings to boot, but that can't be the saving factor of a theme.

Slizers (or Throwbots for us 'Mericans) was pretty Meh. At the time of its release, we could've said it was one of LEGO's Most Daring projects, but now? Not so much. Most of the builds were pretty basic (Besides some of the Titans) and had some pretty character specific pieces. Have you ever seen somebody use Amazon's Face piece in a MOC? I'm pretty sure you haven't (But if you have, please give me a link...)

While I'm at it; I'm gonna bring up some Bioni-cousins. Robo-Riders are on the same train as Throwbots, but a bit more lame. The DC Superheroes are pretty good parts packs, as well as their Marvel Counterparts. I've never really touched the Chima and Star Wars Ultrabuilds, so I have no comment there. Finally, Ben 10 was cool as a concept, but was not executed very well.


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Still would watch if movied

Eh...I honestly thought Roboriders were cooler than Throwbots.



Dawn of constraction movie 2016!!!

Anyways, in my humble opinion, Bionicle is the best. HF and Slizers are cool but they simply lacked too much in the story department. Sets wise they are all kinda even for me.

Oh and would Galidor count as constraction?

Hero Factory=Superman
Slizers=Wonder Woman
Galidor=Lex Luthor


No Galidor has to be aqua man, absolutely useless

Also lets add Exo Force and Knight Kingdom into this


I think BIONICLE was definitely the best constraction theme. Robo riders were okay too.

As much as I love Slizers, Bionicle is the best. There is no question. smile


BIONICLE offers both cool-looking sets and interesting stories to go with them. smile

Hero Factory did give some good sets IMO, but the story was a bit repetitive. (We fought bad guys here. We upgraded. We fight new bad guys there.) grin

Slizer was definitely cool and unique concept when it came out, but that story though. unamused

Galidor... um... uh... let's end this at Slizer, okay? sweat


Galidor is not technic inspired so it does not count

read the top print at the bottom of the pictures


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The answer to me is Bionicle. It lasted much longer than the others, and had way more pieces, with way more uses.

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I think @ColdGoldLazarus has.


Holy Mata Nui! That is something I want to see. :wink:

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You'd have to ask ColdgoldLazarus. I don't actually know.


yeah, she used it on her amazon revamp