bionicle vs hero factory

bionicle. next question?

I mean, is it really a fair fight

'Nuff said.


How about set wise for 2008-2009 vs Hero Factory sets.

Hey what about the big HF villains from invasion from below? They could do some damage… but overall bionicle would still win.

I didn’t realize today was 2012.

Also isn’t there already a topic similar to this?


I wont ask this question. I like both in the same way.

Bionicle would win by a landslide.

Heck, Antroz alone could wipe out the Hero Factory Universe.

Objective breakdown as follows:

  • Universe Scale - Bionicle took place on a singular planet broken up into three and within a large, potentially planet-breaking robot, and a small island in the reboot. HF spanned across multiple planets and galaxies.
    Advantage: HF.
  • Powers and Tech - Bionicle G1 alone had Kanohi, Elements, Powers, Powered Weapons, and just about everything under the sun. HF really only had a fraction of that stuff, but they also had the Doom Box, which had the power to erase entire galaxies from the face of existence.
    Advantage: HF.
  • Numbers - There may only be about 40 active Toa remaining (not counting those on the Red Star), but HF and the known villains would somehow also have to pacify every other MU inhabitant as well, and that’s before factoring in the entire planet’s worth of Agori, Skrall, and Glatorian.
    Advantage: Bionicle.
  • Creature Scale - A species of Kaiju-like beasts still pales in comparison to said large, potentially planet-breaking robot previously mentioned above. And Bionicle had two or three of them, depending on what universe you’re currently looking at.
    Advantage: Bionicle.
  • Piece Quality - HF used to hold the advantage here, but Bionicle caught up back in 2015.
    Advantage: Draw.
  • Plot - HF had a lot of unresolved stuff within it’s storyline. At first glance, Bionicle seems to have the advantage here… until you factor in G1’s unfinished story serials, and the lack of characterisation of G2’s villains.
    Advantage: Draw.

As far as personal preference goes, HF has potential, but I like the overall theme of Bionicle more. In an actual fight, however, the determining factors are undoubtably the Doom Box, the timing of its usage, and whether or not the characters of Bionicle would be capable of disarming it.


Pretty sure that would be a last resort, since the destruction it would cause.

You never know.
Core Hunter was the one trying to use it, after all, and something tells me he wouldn’t think twice about causing that much collateral damage.

It’s been a while since I saw one of these.


I think before hf could win the ignika would turn black

Ah, but there’s a couple problems with that, though.

  1. The Ignika could only access its kill everything feature under a few conditions; mainly that it was within the GSR, the robot itself was populated by living beings, and that Mata Nui himself was about to die. Given that the Doom Box would pretty much wipe everyone out simultaneously, it would effectively counter that particular failsafe by snuffing out all other nearby sources of life energy.
  2. There would have to be an actual battle within the MU in order for it to not only kill its own people, since the ability did not extend beyond it, and, as we’ve only seen it interact with organics and those of a biomechanical nature, there does remain the possibility that the fully robotic characters from HF (read: mostly everyone) might actually be outright immune to it entirely.

That is true, but here is what the Bionicle have: the kanohi vahi.

Which again, as far as we know, likely loses the bulk of its power (if not all of it entirely) outside of the MU, as it was only designed to funtion within the GSR.
Thus bringing us right on back to square one; the Doom Box.

Neither, cause both are dead themes.


…Really? That’sounds all you have to say ?

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You can’t time travel with the Vahi

And honestly, the doom box is the only thing that might give HF an upper hand. If a makuta found it and destroyed it, HF would most certainly be destroyed. And I bet that a Makuta wouldn’t find it hard to find and acquire the doom box, especially since they have access to all 42 Rahkshi powers.

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