Bionicle vs Lord of the Rings

As the Toa Inika are exploring Voya Nui Mount Valmai suddenly becomes Mount Doom with Barad Dur next to it, and on the Northern Continent Isengard materializes as well. Meanwhile on Middle Earth Destral replaces Barad Dur and Mount Doom. The time for LOTR is one year before Fellowship of the Ring.

Round 1 All Lord of the Rings villains invade Voya Nui and the Matoran Universe, the One Ring is given to a random Matoran.
Round 2 The Brotherhood of the Makuta and all their servants and armies attempts to conquer all of Middle Earth
Bonus round 1 Book versions of LOTR
Bonus round 2 Morgoth from the Silmarillion attempts to conquer the entire MU with his armies

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Okay I’ve got a few questions about this.

  1. Is the time period when this happens 2006? Because that would mean the brotherhood of makuta is alive which would be a huge asset.
    2)In the second round would the LoTR villains participate in defending their home or are they all wiped out by now?
  2. Also this question isn’t necessarily for you to answer but does the makutas Rahi control extend to animals?

Yes, it is 06 for bionicle but the Brotherhood and LOTR villains have traded spaces, so the only scenario in which the Brotherhood fights for Bionicle is when Morgoth invades. I would assume Rahi Control would extend to animals but I am not sure.

So then the villains in LoTR aren’t a factor right?

I don’t think the power levels are scaled; Bonkle characters have a myriad of elemental and mask powers, while the inhabitants of Middle Earth have their steel (or mithril) and a handful of magic powers, and I believe that most of these powers aren’t offensive.

In scenario #2, the Makuta would absolutely crush Middle Earth. Like Sauron and Saruman’s forces they could field massive artificial armies, which put the heroes on the ropes in most battles, but their creations would have Kraata and Rhotuka powers. Plus, they could create lots of war Rahi.

Scenario #1 would be a little more balanced, I think, in part due to the nature of the heroes and in part because of the exact nature of the scenario you described. It would be a race against time because Mata Nui is dying at the time, and the Inika still have to deal with the Piraka and Brutaka. Also, depending on the nature of the transformation, the Mask of Life might not be in the Matoran universe anymore - if so, the Mask of Life would kill everyone within the Matoran Universe. Sauron’s forces would be strategically placed outside the Matoran universe, on Voya Nui, so if they could overcome the Toa Inika they would be able to conquer it and the at-the-time uninhabited Mata Nui, but it would be a rather hollow victory.

I would disagree. The Makuta created the Rahi, thus their ability to control them. They didn’t create the creatures of Middle-Earth, who are fully biological and weren’t developed by Makuta virus.

Yes LOTR villains are not a factor for scenario 2. Also in addition to Sauron in Voya Nui, Saruman is on the Northern Continent with his forces and Isengard in the MU.

If Sauron was able to dupe Saruman into working for him, Teridax would be able to the same and off him once he stopped being useful.

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The Eagles from LOTR are pretty powerful ngl, they could be an asset for the people of Middle Earth

Not to mention, Saruman would just be able to move into the Coliseum seeing as it looks just like Orthank, so the job switch wouldn’t be too much of a hassle./s

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