Bionicle vs the Galactic Empire (Star Wars)

I asked this on BZPower once and would like to see what everyone here thinks about it. One year after A New Hope an Imperial scout ship discovers Solis Magna on the edge of wild space. Palpatine sensing technology in this system could swing the tide of the civil war sends a typical imperial invasion force. Bionicle timeline is the most recent point in the timeline, World of Annonas doom is also in Solis Magna. Disney canon for star wars.


I like this Idea, but how big would the scout ship be? since its disney cannon, there isn’t a tie scout or anything that small.

I was thinking just a generic scout ship. The actual invasion force is an old canon Battle Line which is one ISD and about a dozen support cruisers.

I think with aerial bombardments, 100s of tie fighters, and 1,000s of stormtroopers the empire would have more then the upper hand.

I hate to say it but I think the Empire would have the upper hand. The Matoran and Agori haven’t made it to space travel, so their maneuverability is limited. Though, Palpatine might not attack Solis with the same strength as he does the Rebels, I think after the initial attack Palaptine would realize that the planet might not be worth the firepower needed to collect their tech unscathed and would probably force the population underground with a series of orbital bombardments, and salt the earth with the implementation of biological warfare, maybe as a testing ground. He’d realize that his forces can’t get too close without severe casualties, but would see that the Matoran and Agori are limited to planet-side warfare.

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Orbital Bombardment would make short work of any opposition.

I’m going to throw my thoughts in here

If the Bionicle side (for a lack of a better term) knew that the Empire was coming and could prepare even a little bit, they’d have the conflict in the bag. The only way the Empire could win at this point is due to the element of surprise and that Bionicle didn’t have a large amount of flying vehicles nor space exploration, and that at this point in the story all the Makuta are dead.

Wait no Melding Teridax exists

Yeah, unless they caught everyone by surprise and kill them all instantly, the Empire is dead


If The Bionicle Side has foresight, they take it, I’d say. The Great Beings are limitlessly capable and on Spherus Magna, and some of them, at least (Angonce and Velika, to name a few) would have a vested interest in protecting the Agori. The Empire has the vast advantage in quantity, but Spherus Magna’s technology is leagues ahead.