Bionicle vs the Principality of Zeon(Gundam)

The entire army of the Principality of Zeon as of halfway through the One Year War is teleported to Spherus Magna. Zeon has one Gwazine class ship as a HQ. Also everyone who was on the Red Star is teleported to the surface of Spherus Magna. The time for Bionicle is right after Sahmads Tale ended.

I think that they’d be in a stalemate for a while seeing as Zeon only has one ship but it could change depending if they have access to their aces (mainly Char.)

And I’m not to great with the bionicle timeline especially when it comes to Bara Magna but are the all the main/ alive Toa there at this point.

As a huge Gundam fan, Zeon’s dead, and it’s a massacre. If there’s some Toa of Iron on the Red Star, they’re twice as dead.

As of the One Year War, Zeon barely understands Newtypes (especially only halfway through the OYW) or how to use them, their MS are extremely primitive, especially compared to later Neo Zeon/other factions’ designs, and their main rifles still just fire really big bullets, so they don’t stand a chance of even harming some of the scarier Bionicle characters.

Not to mention their biggest advantage is fighting in space, and since I don’t know of any Bionicle characters that can actually go to space as of Sahmad’s Tale, pretty much any conflict would involve Zeon coming to them. And a lumbering Zaku on the ground is much less scary than an agile Zaku in space.

So, they basically have a size advantage, and unless they plan on going kamikaze with their reactors, that’s basically it.


Oh yeah also that. Totally forgot how dead the Toa of iron are.

What if it was composite Zeon and all ground Zeon forces (Neo Zeon, Mars Zeon, etc) supported by a Gwadan class ship?

I know nothing about gundam… but gundam mechs v Bionicle would be an interesting sight.

In that case it wouldn’t be as one sided but the toa’s of iron would still wipe the floor with Zeon.