Bionicle Website Updated!

The Bionicle website has been updated yet again! Except this time, there's more content for everyone, including downloadable instructions for the sets!
Thought I'd share it with you guys.


I can't access the site for some reason. Is anyone experiencing this problem?

UPDATE: It's working fine now.

Is this new?

The Protectors wear sacred Elemental Masks that have been passed down
through the generations from father to son along with the Prophecy of
Heroes, which foretells the coming of Tahu and his allies. In their
wisdom, the Protectors must guide the heroes on their quest.

Emphasis mine. shipping canon now?


Looks like our pleas to make love canon have been answered...


Which could also mean that they're primarily organic.....

EDIT: GUYS! You can't watch the video yet, but LOOK AT THE PROTECTOR OF FIRE IN THIS VIDEO.


It's G2 Vakama!


And apparently the green Skull Spiders have xray vision.

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which creeps lewa out.


speaking of creeping people out, the jungle protectors have tails on their feet...

also the earth protector has throwing knives, which seems like such an odd choice.

edit: I found this in the onu-err, region of earth section


Is it just me, or do these carvings look less like the new Toa and more like the Metru build?


What catches me is how they all seem to be wearing Golden Haus.


they're shielding the mask of creation.


So the Hau might actually exist in G2?

it could be like the cloud vahi, we'll have to wait and see.

I think it could be possible. If we can have a Mask of Skull Spiders, we can have the Mask of Shielding return.


That scene reminds me way too much of MNOG, where Tahu arrives.

Then again, LEGO did say they where taking inspiration from MNOG in the first place, so I have no doubt that more elements of it will take place.


That's... Exactly what they're going for. I'm hoping they'll have more awesome music like MNOG had.


Well the trailer we found certainly has some good music.

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New updates, everyone! Spelling errors fixed and the pages looks better!

ALSO! If you type down "" in your search bar, it will direct you to the Lego page for BIONICLE again!


I hate to be so critical on Lego... but looking for errors is fun!

Updated Summary of errors:
Lewa's name instead of his mask. -- not fixed
Half the protectors have their names, the other half have masks on the images. -- not fixed
Fir region villages. -- fixed earlier
Random close parentheses on Onya's page. -- fixed (technically; they removed the signature moves section completely)
Fire region description has Protector Description. -- not fixed
Ice region page shows the water sets. -- fixed earlier
Onua's mask is called the Mask of Stone. -- not fixed
Tahu's "Adrenalin" mode -- not fixed
"Prevent the thieving creature popping off Lewa’s mask" -- not fixed
Jungle Protector's weapon descriptionless -- fixed earlier
random line skip on Protector of Jungle's mask description -- not fixed

So, the main thing they fixed was the layout, which I agree, it looks better. The only typo fixed was the whole sentence removed, so that doesn't count.