BIonicle Week 2015 MOC Contest

This is the official topic for the Bionicle Week 2015 MOC contest. Here are the rules:

Only one MOC per person (Though if you have a vehicle you can include a driver)

No description is needed, though you can include one

You can have any amount of pictures.

The MOC must be constraction (CCBS or Technic/G1)

Tomorrow, which is (not) the official MOC Day, I will put up a poll of the MOCS of those who upload today.

You have until 12:00 AM EST on Sunday, September 20th to apply.

[[Sorry I forgot about this. We'll just pick the winners tomorrow.]]


I guess I'll enter, why not.

So is there a certain topic or theme?

Nah. Just any old constraction MoC.

Due to complaints about time, the admission date is being extended to 12:00 pm EST on Friday September 25.

so can we just post the mocs here or do we have to create a different thread

Is it still open? Because I didn't see this...

I can try to join this..

Either one is fine.

This would be my entry:


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Welp... I'm late (I think), but I'll leave this link here to guilt you stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes

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I will join

My entry.


Um, who won?