Bionicle Week

So every year we are going to do Unity, Duty, and Destiny Days. Why not have a whole week devoted to Bionicle then. So here we are, Bionicle Week!

It’ll be yearly on the 3rd Week of September. (No dates, the it would be all over he place). Each year has it’s own thread (This year is the Three Virtues Countdown Thread by @Jowm), and each day has a motif.

Sunday: Lore Day! On this day, we talk about the Lore and Story of Bionicle. What’s your favorite moment? Least Favorite Year? Favorite Character? These are the questions and discussions to have. This year, unfortunately, it’ll have to be after the week this week, due to the circumstances.

Monday: Element Day! Discuss the Elements, and such! What’s your favorite? What Element is your self-MOC? This year, it’ll be after this week, like Lore Day.

Tuesday: Unity Day! Today you celebrate the Community! Discuss things! Participate in Community Games! Make new Friends!

Wednesday: Duty Day! Today you celebrate the hard workers of this forum, and do things flag spam and do extra work!

Thursday: Destiny Day! Today you discuss the Future, and do things like make goals, and accomplish old ones!

Friday: Naming Day! Celebrate the Anniversary of Bionicle’s announcement, and announce things of your own!

Saturday: Creation day! Today we have a MOC-Contest. Submissions would be made on Naming Day, and they’d be voted on in a poll by the community today!

I made this a separate thread to keep things on topic for both this year, and the holiday in general.

Thanks to @KyoryuYellow1138 for the suggestion to have the first two days after this week!

Link to this years thread:


I approve of this. Also, I kinda feel like announcement day should be the last day, maybe MOC Day should be the Sunday before?

Announcement Day is Friday because that’s when Lego announces Bionicle 2015.

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This is a great idea, IMO. I think it’s a great community holiday that could really last.

Right, but I’m saying that MOC Day comes after that, but it seems like Announcement Day should be the last day to me, but it’s not a big deal.

I have so much to look forward to. My Bionicle Week MOC is amazing looking now

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This idea of a week-long celebration of Bionicle…I like it…Another! Next year that is. XD


MOC day is Saturday right? -checks schedule- maybe that’ll be a great time for the TTV debut of Niha AT!


Yeah, but i’ve been working on this one for a while now

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I can’t wait to see it :blush:

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This is officially approved by Congress as an official holiday week.

(Talking/mumbling off mic)

What? Oh… Okay. So we apparently can’t speak for Congress on national holidays… who knew?

Really though, I like it. I’ve always wondered why more fandoms don’t have a holiday or holi-week associated with them.

The only one I know of is Towel Day.

And thanks to all of you for making this happen!


I would like to draw your attention to this line of text.

Specifically the


Are we going to be doing that this year?

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If you have anything to announce you can announce it then. It won’t happen every time if there’s nothing to announce.

Ok, thank you. I have something to announce, so I thought I’d ask.

Now I want to make a 3-day holiday for my Matoran in my story about the Three Virtues…

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That week should be Eljay-Con


Great week to have a b-day :stuck_out_tongue:

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I approve.

I think Friday should be “Naming Day”, though, both for nostalgia and because it will be the day that LEGO “Named” BIONICLE.


i speak for congress. they approve of these holidays