Bionicle What Ifs

Thanks for the reminder. I changed the description to include what type of species you are.

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What if Vakama killed Matau in his battle from 2005?


I’d be a member of Ehlek’s species and hide out underwater while my land-dwelling companions fight for survival.

Just kidding, I’d probably help them out some. Probably.



That’d make the redemltion arc have a lot more impact, I’d say. Vakama would probably have to sacrifice himself to be forgiven for that one.
What if 09 actually DID turn out to be a hard reboot? How do you think the fanbase would have handled it?

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Absolutely hate it, what else are reboots for?

What if 2008 was the reboot point, and the story ended with Matoro’s sacrifice to save Mata Nui?


Solid team.

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The squad: Kopaka (phantoka form), Lhikan, Whenua, Hydraxon, and Botar.

My equipment: A laser crossbow and a long dagger.

The vehicle: Jetrax T6.

The rationale: Kopaka is team leader, as he’s very logical. He’s in Phantoka form in order to be able to run aerial reconnaissance, and rain bolts of light from above. Lhikan would be special operations, as he’s quite effective at manoeuvring quickly and quietly. Whenua is our archivist, in charge of dredging up vahki schematics in order to shut them down. Hydraxon is the muscle, not much to say here. Botar is for when the fighting’s gone wrong and we need a quick escape.

The Jetrax is the fastest armed jet in the BIONICLE universe, and I think flight is going to be important to escape the Vahki. The laser crossbow is a ranged weapon that does not use traditional ammunition, and a such never has to be reloaded. The dagger is a last resort, and will most likely never work. My hope is that I’ll be able to jam it in the gears of a vahki that’s trying to chomp on me, but I doubt it will work. The plan is stay on the move until we can get to a Karda Nui stalactite village, and hold out in the centre of the universe until the apocalypse is over.

I would choos in my team: Icarax Antroz Chirox vamprah and their Av matoran
Weapons tools: Tridax pod,spear of fusion
Transportation: Jetrax T6 special edition😏

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Okay, okay, I’ll come up with a serious one.

For my team: Hands down Ehlek, Gavla, and Tahu Mistika. Why? Because Ehlek is my favorite and the other two were my first Bionicle sets. Also, Gavla could be the scout, and Tahu could be the warrior, being the most powerful Toa of Fire and all…

I would also add Kongu Mahri for crowd control, and Nokama (I don’t know whether or not I’m allowed to request Metru, seeing as they are no longer Toa, but I’m going to do it anyways) so that, perhaps, we can communicate with subdued Vahki.

For a vehicle? Obviously the Thornatus, it’s the real post-apocalyptic vehicle.

My tools would be a Kordak and Roodaka’s Rhotuka (am I allowed to request something like that, too?). Maybe a Lewa Nuva blade, just for close combat.

Man, you guys have Air support down. :+1:

What if matorans were tall and stronk, and its were short and thicc?

no, seriously.

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I mean, there are basically three options :laughing:

Alright, I take this as a challenge…

Jetrax, Jetrax Special, Axlara, Rockoh, Takanuva’s Oosa Nui or whatever, Ignika’s speeder, Gukko, Nivahk, and Vultraz. Is that all?

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I personally feel like there would be very little advantage to having a ground vehicle compared to an aerial one, unless we’re talking about the Scorpio. I think the amount of Vahki that would hone in on a ground craft would be too high for it to fight off, so I think taking to the air is the best bet. Vahki can fly, but they need to be actively wanting to do so. It’s not their default, so unless we’re in Le-Metru, air is definitely the way to go IMO.

Oh. Well then. Um…[quote=“Maarlfox, post:35, topic:47348”]
I personally feel like there would be very little advantage to having a ground vehicle compared to an aerial one
I mever thought discussing survival tactics in a fictional world would be this fun or in depth.

There’s Swamp Strider too

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Swamp Strider flies?

I chose the Thornatus because I could fit my entire team without it slowing down, and also it’s cool. Oh, and because no one else was using ground.

Swamp Strider would be cool, but a little noisy compared to its firepower. It would also be nigh impossible for a team to take cover behind it. I think it would just be a worse Scorpio. Now that I think about it, perhaps a Vahki transport would be best, because it would blend in to its surroundings.

Ever read Brothers In Arms?