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That map is BEAUTIFUL. I've only ever seen Okoto in the animations, I haven't seen that artwork. It's cool, I might make that my desktop wallpaper. :smile:

No, they do, it's just that the upper part of the Water Region is cold 'n stuff.
EDIT: Oh, wait, that's a cloud.


i Believe it's supposed to look like the original Mata Nui map i wish i had it on my wall confounded

Also the mountains between the two look lower than the rest (lego why did you add all of those mountains they just make it look like Tamriel (elder scrolls) )

@PekekoaOfJungle did you know that in princess mononoke there is a boar named Okoto


I could ever really tell where all the Koros started on the Mata Nui map, so I like the mountains separating the Regions.

Also, getting off-topic with all this island stuff.


should i make a discussion all about the map of okoto i probably should

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Eh, its been around for a while :wink:

Movie - in 2017, as a culmination of the storylines for G2's mask hunt
Adult Collectors series sets
Awesome sets with unique pieces

Not really sure what else to say ><


Hey guys just made a discussion about okoto itself it's map and it's land

Here it is! @PekekoaOfJungle @Scarilian @Triple

Oh. Well, I made that joke a long time ago anyway. Hang on, I'm going to see when, I think it was one of my first posts...

That sounds interesting. Can you elaborate?

Yay! Now I can talk about how beautiful it is.

Can we avoid promoting other unrelated topics? It in itself is off-topic.

Sorry sir

It's cool, it's cool.

I'm hoping for Bohrok (please don't call me a bohrok loving pleb!) bohrok were awesome but limited i think CCBS could be awesome for a bohrok i mean just look at waht this guy did

i really wish i could make that bohrok va neutral_face


See, this is what I was talking about when I said I wanted system integration.
Speaking of that, system pieces on the sets would be cool.


i use system flame part for my turaga Narmoto MOC




Same thing as:


We don't have it already?


(Moved response here as well)

A Titan Makuta. A neat feature would be to have his colors switch from black with gold and purple highlights to black with red/rust. (Saw the function in the Knights Kingdom Castle of Morcia set) That way we could get both a corrupt and pre-corrupt Makuta. It's highly unlikely, but cool.

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Hm. I'd love a G2 rahkshi. However, I'm not a fan of "Hey, lets make all the bionicle sets with CCBS!" I just mean a rahkshi type villain wave.

Oh yeah, and a mask maker makuta.

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Skull Bohrok, that's what I would imagine them to be called, they'd be like little skull spider mechs

Skull spiders are rather like krana

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All of them
books, shoes, shirts, masks, pieces, sets, exclusives, toothbrushes, etc.

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