BIONICLE Year Discussion No.5: 2007

Hello! I am Nyran. This is the fifth of a series of 10(for now) topics that I’m gonna make for the sake of discussing a various year of Bionicle as a whole.

We’ve had big overall topics, like whatever, but few if any topics focused on specific years, outside 2015.

So, I wanna know some aspects that you liked/didn’t like/stood out to you about certain years! This topic’s gonna be 2007. 2007 was a big year for me personally, because it was when I personally felt stuff really began to get more intense.

Well, it actually started in the climax of 06, but 07 was a larger thing for me. In terms of the story, we were back to the same endless ocean from the Golden Years, but much darker, and with mysteries, foes of all sorts new and familiar, all out for the Mask of Life.

The sets, IMO, were 2006 done right. It used the super pose able system from 2006, but gave each Toa very distinct looks, with some using the Inika Torso, some with the Piraka Torso, and one with a new torso piece altogether.

The sets felt like better representations of the characters than the 06 Toa, and the Barraki were new with a dark, legendary past, and truly unique, creative sets.

The titans of this year were all fantastic, from Karzahni to Hydraxon to Gadunka, all were truly enjoyable, and had stories of their own that made them interesting, outside maaybe Gadunka

Also, it introduced us to Cryoshell, and Creeping in My Soul remains my favorite traditional sort of song used in Bionicle Materials, certainly blowing the Rejects that preceded them out of the water(Get it, 'cause Mahri Nui? Pit?)



2007 was probably my favorite both set-wise and story-wise. Everything was starting to finally fall into motion, and it included the most heroic and tragic deaths of my childhood. I loved the sets, but I’ve only ever gotten two from the Barraki, and three from the Mahri. The titans were fantastic, and my favorite rahi-beast Gadunka was born. (Seriously, why does Spinax get all the love? His mouth isn’t even that big…) Also, I cannot stop watching the mini movies that came out that year. It’s like an addiction.

Rate: 2007/10, would go through again.


2007 is a, meh, year for me…

Now that I look back on it and see all that I missed, I believe it was a very good year. There is nothing more that I can really say. :confused:


I certainly do not consider 2007 to be a bad year, I loved it actually. My major flaw with it has to be Hahli do to the broken bits I had from her. BEWARE THE LINE GREEN CURSE. Anyways, The Barraki were wicked cool as they’ve done something no Bionicle mainline has ever done before. Used Technic Lift-Arms as Torsos, this made for the Barraki to have a more creepy esc, skinny look that would completely make them different then anything encountered before.

The Toa Mahri were great, loved the masks, finally they weren’t those weird rubber masks, these were legit masks with hoses that could attach to it. SOMETHING WE’VE ALSO NOT SEEN, MASKS WITH HOSES THAT ATTACH. Sure Sidorak had that, but it was attached to the head fully and he didn’t really have a mask.

The Matoran/Rahi were cool, I bought them all. Titans were just out of the water cool. (See what I did there?) I especially love Maxilos, though he is loose slightly, he had a lot of joints and detail, almost like he was actually someone’s MOC.

2007 was a great year with Cryoshell’s introduction. (Which I’m an admin of their Facebook Group.) Overall, outstanding, not my favorite, but we’ll talk about my favorite when 2008 starts. YES I SAID 2008!


possibly my fav sets
none of them seemed completely clonelike except the matoran mind you
the story was great too
nothing much I really want to say about it
it was a good year

Ahh! What was there not to like about 2007? While I tend to think of this as a single story combined with 2006, this is definetly the better act. Pridak became one of my favorite villains, I loved teading about the struggles if the Mahri Nui Matoran, and the aquatic theme just washed me away (horrible pun). My only real gripes about this year are that Hali introduced me to the curse of the lime-green joints.

Unfortunately, I got only four sets because Mars Mission was released the same year :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. That year when I got one single set, coincidentally in the same colors as the other set(s) I owned, and lost its mask.

That set? Defilak.

I’ve never got any 2007 sets since then, but I’ve looked at their building instructions on, and like them for the sake of their unique position of being all unique builds, and not being cluttered with dull silver, black, or dark grey like 2008’s sets were, or clunky specialized parts like 09’s. The Barraki all had their unique new organic-looking parts (and Pridak’s waist joint was a triumph for the universe), and the Mahri, while a bit less unique, still had their own individual strengths (including real masks, such as the ever popular Faxon.)

The story was okay, I guess, I prefer the other years’ stories more than this year’s, but it was still good. I guess something can be said about the general horror story vibe and intensity of the moment and it’s gear towards an older audience, and the sad truth of DEATH that came upon the beloved Mata Nui (for a second) and Matoro.

Cryoshell’s introduction was nice, Creeping in my Soul sorta worked for the Barraki. I prefer Face Me and Crashed over that song, however.

(also @ToaOfUltimateDoom we already talked about '08)

I thought 2007 was awesome. I said 2006 was my favorite year of Bionicle not too long ago in your other topic, but now that you mention 2007 I’m torn…


I feel like 2007 was a turning point on bionicle, when clones finally came to a halt. Each Barakki and toa were differently sculpted, and had unique builds. It’s definitely my favorite post 2005 year, mainly because I loved the Barakki.

Owning all of the sets from this year, I can say that there were some spectacular titans, and I lived the new Matoran build! And the story was very well for he year as well, showing us one again, some villains that didn’t neccessrily like each other’s company, and clashed with each other as well as the toa.

10/10, this year was definitely the best in my opinion after 2005. (I split up bionicle into the 2001-2005 era, and 2006-2010)


One thing I forgot to mention though was that, initially, I was terrified by the Barraki. When I saw the year’s add for the first time, they definetly creeped into my soul.


I had every set that year, except the red hydruka and Lesovikk and karzahni, most of my 2007 sets are mocs now.

Nuparu Mahri was the best…

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Oh god he looked cool, couldn’t get him, but I got his shields from Axalara T9


Only year I had a BIONICLE set run over by a truck.

Thank goodness.

(best set was totes Ehlek)
(best story point was Matoro dying not because I dislike him, but because it added a level of seriousness and fate to the story)

Also, those Barraki canisters were pretty good yet hard to get the pieces out, you couldn’t rotate the lid to get it off.

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Despite the fact that I wasn’t directly affected during that year, I became a fan while there will still sets and stuff online about this year, and it grew to be one of my favorite years. I loved how they managed to break away from clone sets (yeah, yeah, they technically still used the Inika build, but whatever), and the underwater aesthetic worked well for me. The Barraki were cool and creepy, the Toa used some interesting pieces, and the year spawned one of my all-time favorite sets - Karzahni. I wanted that set from the moment I saw it - heck, I still want it.

Oh yeah, we also got “Creeping in My Soul” and “Crashed” for the commercials that year - which are some of my favorite songs of all time :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d have to say I agree with what everyone has been saying so far: first year to have individual builds, great titans, good music, all that. One thing I didn’t find that interesting was the story. I mean, yeah there was Matoro sacrificing himself, and yeah, there was the return of Teridax. However, for whatever reason I found 06’s story to be cooler. Call it Dark Hunter Piraka biased, IDK. Not saying that 07’s story was bad, just not as cool as 06’s.


I agree, The 2007 arc was a bore to me. At least the sets were good.

I dunno guys.

The tragedy of Dekar stood out to me, as did the thought of a city that was even worse off than Voya Nui, having to deal with the fierce wildlife.

And the concept of the dethroned Barraki still having some power in the form of these new underwater minions of theirs was especially cool.


Anyone remember the song Face Me?