Bionicle years in one sentence

So here, basically, I try to describe all about a BIONICLE year in one sentence, without making it a typical run-on sentence. The idea is to have a sentence that spirals everywhere, yet still continues to an ultimate goal.

Jaller, once the leader of the Ta-Koro Guard, which protected Ta-Koro from any and all threats, including Rahi, Bohrok, and Toa Tahu, has just arrived on the island of Voya Nui, which was once a part of the Southern continent, one of the two biggest landmasses in the Matoran Universe, but was rocked away by the Great cataclysm, a great earthquake that struck the universe, killing Turaga Jovan, and was caused during Makuta Teridax's attempt to take over the universe, which started with him using a virus he had developed with help from Makuta Mutran, who learned the necessary methods from Tren Krom, the former great spirit now chained to a rock, to put the current great spirit, Mata Nui, to sleep, resulting in Mata Nui slowly dying, and when Turaga Nuju and Turaga Dume, two of the leaders of Metru Nui, learned of this and Jaller learned of it from Nokama, who once taught Vhisola, he travelled to the dangerous island of Voya Nui along with Matoro, Nuju's translator, who once had to be saved from a Muaka that Teridax controlled with an infected Mask by Kopaka; Hahli, a Kohlii player who interacted with Aiyetoro shortly before the attack of the Rahkshi; Hewkii, the hero of Ga-Koro and best friend of the Ga-Matoran Macku, who once sold canoes on the island of Metru Nui; Nuparu, who invented the Vahki and invented the boxor, with help from Taipu and Onepu during the Bohrok war and then used it to help Takua, Kongu, and Tamaru free the Le-Matoran and Turaga Matau from the Krana; and Kongu, leader of the Gukko force, which included Boreas, Orkahm, Taiki, Vira, and Shu; in order to find the Mask of Life, the one item that could save Mata Nui, which Jovan had used once before, and the six Toa Nuva (Tahu, Toa of Fire and leader of the team, who used the Mask of Time against The Bohok-Kal to prevent them from freeing Cahdok and Gahdok; Kopaka, the Toa of Ice who once defeated twelve Zyglak on his own; Gali, the Toa of Water who once formed a mental link with Takua while the Toa Nuva, then Toa Mata, went to face Teridax in his underground lair shortly before the Bohrok War; Pohatu, Kopaka's best friend; Onua, the Toa of Earth who once had to save Lewa from a Krana during the Bohrok War and another time saved Lewa from an infected Kanohi and helped Lewa free the Le-Matoran, Taipu, and Takua from a Nui-Rama nest; and Lewa, who saved Takua, Jaller, and Pewku from an angry Rahkshi named Graalok during the search for the seventh Toa) who came to Voya Nui on their own in an effort to find the Mask of Life, but wound up being defeated by Hakann, Avak, Thok, Vezok, Reidak, and Zaktan, six former Dark Hunters who seek the Mask of Life for their own ends and have enslaved all of the Matoran on Voya Nui except for six (Balta, who was once trapped by Vezok and Thok only to be freed later by Axxon; Kazi, a Ko-Matoran; Dalu, who once single-handedly defeated Avak; Velika, who constantly talks in riddles and forged the Toa Inika's Zamor Launchers; Garan, the leader of the Voya Nui Resistance team, who realized that Hakann and the others were not Toa, as they claimed to be, after overhearing a discussion between Hakann and Avak; and Piruk, who spied on Zaktan a lot) by using special Zamor spheres that only Zaktan realizes are actually the essence of Teridax, who is manipulating the events on Voya Nui to his own ends and secretly pulling the strings of both Zaktan's team and Jaller's team, who, once Matoran, were transformed into Toa by lightning from th red star, a device capable of reviving the dead that once revived Jaller and is currently home to Mavrah, an Onu-Matoran who studied the first sea Rahi along with Onepu and Whenua, and Lhikan, the former leader of the Toa Mangaia, who died to save Vakama from Teridax shortly after Vakama made the Mask of Time, and now Jaller and his team, the Toa Inika, must defeat Zaktan's team and the vicious Brutaka with help from Garan and his team and the mysterious Axxon, who was stationed on Voya Nui along with Brutaka, a former servant of the Brotherhood of Makuta who now wishes to have the Mask of Life himself, by the Order of Mata Nui, an organization led by Toa Helryx, the first Toa ever made by the Great Beings; find the Toa Nuva, who were Toa Mata before the defeat of the Bohrok queens unlocked Energized Protodermis that transformed them; and find the Mask of Life, which is guarded by Umbra, Vezon(a half-Skakdi made when Hakann used the spear of Fusion that he found in Teridax's lair on Vezok), and Fenrakk, who, when defeated, transforms into the mighty dragon Kardas, whose infinite power still isn't enough to stop the Toa Inika from retrieving the Mask of Life, which, as Kongu realizes, is actually sentient, and plunges into the ocean to Mahri Nui, forcing Jaller and his team, who by now have defeated Zaktan's team and Brutaka and freed the Matoran Zaktan's group enslaved, including Dezalk, while Garan's team freed the Toa Nuva and Axxon defeated Brutaka only for him to be taken away by Botar, who once took Kalmah, Pridak, Takadox, Carapar, Mantax, and Ehlek to the pit after Teridax defeated them, to go underwater to the city of Mahri Nui and retrieve the Mask of Life in order to save the universe!

so, which year should I describe next?


This is a HUGE run-on sentence. Luckily for you, however, I'm on paid leave from my job as a Grammar Nazi. I'd run before any others catch you.

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I have a one sentence explanation of 2007 that I am quite fond of:
Mask go sploosh into big deep ocean squid go swish swish and toa go boom boom mata nui is saved and Matoro goes zap zap.


BIONICLE 2015, wave 1:

Six heroes rain down from the heavens to help six Protectors defeat the evil skull spiders and retrieve their golden masks to save the island of Okoto.

There, I did it.

A slightly modified version of that could apply to 2001.

Wait, Willess, are you saying one sentence per year, or one sentence for all of G1? And how specific? laughing Because that'll drastically affect my answer.


one sentence per year, even the two-part years like '03. Ten years in ten sentences. Though I could try summing up all of G1...

Though, honestly, with the way the sentences meander, they tend to wind up having factoids from past years.

2001: Heroes arrive on island, collect masks, kill animals, and save villagers.

2002: Heroes fight aliens and collect masks.

2003: Heroes fight aliens and this other guy saves everybody.

2004: Different heroes collect disks, become enemies of the state, but still save people.

2005: Heroes get mutated by giant spiders and betrayed, but still save everybody.

2006: Different heroes fight a gang for a mask.

2007: Heroes fight overgrown sea creatures for that mask.

2008: Original heroes fight bats and bugs for that mask.

2009: That mask saves everybody on another world.

2010: That mask destroys the universe and saves everybody.


Well, it's certainly more concise than Willess'


2001: Toa show up and wreck Rahi and Makuta.

2002: Toa wreck Bohrok and Bohrok wreck the island.

2003: Toa become super Toa, Makuta sends Rahkshi to wreck the super Toa, super Toa wreck the Rahkshi, midget becomes uber super Toa and wrecks Makuta again.

2004: Old people are revealed to have been Toa, they wreck stuff, old man from the old people's time is revealed as Makuta, Makuta wrecks stuff, Toa wreck Makuta.

2005: Old people Toa meet spiders who mutate them and they wreck stuff.

2006: New Toa show up and wreck the gang to get the Mask of Ultimate Wrecking.

2007: Toa attempt to drown themselves to get the Mask of Ultimate Wrecking, become water people and defend a city of water people from the fish people, Matoro dies and everyone cries.

2008: Toa from 2001-2003 find some jetpacks and take on the most powerful force in the universe and fail.

2009: Random people on a desert world duke it out for control of the money, and the Mask of Ultimate Wrecking shows up and becomes the universe manifested, who then drags villages across the planet to make a giant robot.

2010: ....that's it?

2011-2013: We wish Bionicle was back screw this HF stuff


2015: sheds a single tear


That's probably the best summary in that entire post.


The rest were mostly jokes wink

Some not-water people go in the water to find Item. Item makes them all water people. They defend the other water people who don't want Item from some other other water people who do want Item. The new water people get soundly stomped by the other other water people and the other water people don't seem terribly bothered. One of the newly-watered people falls into a waterfall with Item and causes water to fall from the eyes of the people.

I know, I know, that wasn't one sentence. But it could be. How many semicolons are you willing to bet?



Whoever thinks this is serious...

I have lost all respect in all who think this is serious

and ek
if it is serious
I have lost all my respect for you too


I'm sensing a pattern here...

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Pretty common for the Heroes Journey trope we all know and copy in every tale we make.

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That's one heck of an oxymoron. :stuck_out_tongue:


Except it's accurate.