So I did this on a whim one day just for fun. Does this seem like something you guys would be interested in watching? We’re wondering if interest in Minecraft is dead. Let me know.


Mineimator, huh? Didn’t know you used it.

This is pretty cool, I’d definitely like to see more!


Well, it’s just a handy dandy minecraft animation, nothing too special.


Yes, I would love to watch more of this. But that’s just me.

No I have not lost me interest in Minecraft.

It’s interesting, I would like to see this with the other toa

Looks interesting, but I lost interest in minecraft. Still a good animation though.

I’d be interested to see more.

Besides that awkward second where you can hear Iron Man’s hand beam, it’s pretty cool. :smile:

I expected this to be stop motion but this is still good

Seems like a cool idea. Now will this be out before BIOCraft or after?


looks awesome, I’d love to see more

I don’t really care much about Minecraft, but I will admit this pretty cool.

Minecraft animations are always cool, but this one needs work (still good though!)

I’m rather certain that interest in Bionicle Minecraft projects hasn’t died. Reason being that I’ve been working on a Bionicle Minecraft project for a few months now, and it remains the most popular topic I’ve started on the boards.

That said, what I’m working on is a map, therefore there’s a good chance that a lot of the traffic is for the artistic appeal of it(not so much the game).

I suppose it just depends on the execution. I’d watch it if the animation is good and the character choices are interesting. It would be pretty neat to see characters from different eras of bionicle engaging in combat. :smile:


I think this is pretty neat

If people stop comparing this to Biocraft, I think it could happen.

The animation’s a bit janky, but it’s a good concept!

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I’d love to see more. But, if I know the future, this’ll be cancelled and replaced with Off Air.

This seems really cool to continue. Didn’t know other people here used mineimator

What is this? I don’t mean to go off topic, but I’m not really sure where I would ask this question. Is there a topic for this?