Biovival Discussion (aka Christian Faber's mysterious project)

Hmmm… I haven’t been following it too closely.

A few quick takes:

  • Most of the art looks gorgeous and I’d love to have it framed
  • I really dig the concept for the 310N logo
  • I don’t like how people have been getting their hopes up about this. We’re not going to get BIONICLE again in the form of another consumer toy-line (at least not the nostalgia-fueled version the fandom seems to want).
  • I really hope this project has gotten people back into creating their own BIONICLE stories.

We shouldn’t wait around for stories to be spoon-fed to us. The people of this community should use their own talents and creativity to weave their own tales, to make their own additions to the BIONICLE narrative. There’s an enormous amount of potential in that, but I feel like we can all too often get stuck in capitalist consumerist mindsets. We often neglect our own creative potential.


This this this this this

As much as I would absolutely love to see more official material, I think the best way to go is making our own stories. Bionicle was what got me interested in writing in the first place, and for me personally it would be a disservice to waste that waiting around for Lego.

And I get it, a lot of fan projects have a pretty bad track record for producing results, and there’s a whole other discussion to be had about that, but it’s easy to forget that there have been successful ones as well; Reviving Bionicle, Struggle In The Drifts, and the upcoming Legend Of Mata Nui revamp release.

So yeah, I urge anyone who (like me) is hoping to see G3 or something along those lines happen someday, to start by making your own!


Very good point (I hope to make a video about that).

I feel as though that’s the case for many members of the community.


We’ve sure tried!

and failed :stuck_out_tongue:


yep. I remember.

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you’re still welcome to try and help :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have the same question.


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