Biovival Discussion (aka Christian Faber's mysterious project)

The fact that we got 10,000 people to support it speaks a message, even if LEGO ignores it.


Prince of Persia sands of time?

Actually, I wonder if this is a reference to G2’s temple of time?


I mean, that’s what I figured


2020 and there’s still nothing? fake news smh

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Most likely not until April, hence 14b2020.

It’s precarious though because it’s most likely on April Fools again, which some people are going to take as a joke, but considering he has continued to post about it since last year, I’m betting we could see something.


You’re all setting yourself up for disappointment when 2021 rolls around and faber’s done nothing but what basically amounts to telling you to clean up your trash


There’s nothing to be disappointed over if you keep yourself in the right mindset.

Are people who are expecting some kind of G3 going to be disappointed? Probably.

But I’m here interested in whatever it is Faber is doing, Bionicle or not, so if something comes out of it then that’s great, but I’m not going to have my hopes dashed if nothing does.


I don’t think you get to assume what everyone on this topic feels about the project as a whole. I, for one, am just here to see where this takes us. For the time being he’s barely released anything of substance, so I haven’t even formed a clear opinion on whatever this thing is.
And I understand not wanting people to get disappointed, but at the same time you kind of just come across as stamping on their hopes and dreams. It’s not like this entire thread of conversation hasn’t been covered before or anything. Just leave em alone, man.


Okay, now I am totally confused.

At first it was always up in the air about whether it was really bionicle, but now I guess we know.

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here’s a slightly better picture now, and I’ll yeet the other one so I’m not nuked for dubble posts


This is some Endgame Time Heist-level stuff. Days of Future Mask again, too, haha.


Faber is a good hype man I admit


Past. Present. Future.

Picture represents the Vahi.


I think not.

So faber says in one of the comments that I quote: “This is for the return of the B! In some new shape or form. Not for Rebel Nature.”


If anyone wants to know what that’s from.



I feel pretty confident in predicting that 14B2020 will be an animated series based on BIONICLE, either starting or being properly announced on 1/4.

It will be using the “RIG21 Virtual Content Production” that Faber showed off in his December vlog, which will also be used to create an unrelated Rebel Nature series.

The extent of collaboration with LEGO will probably not be much - maybe just allowing the rights to be used.

Sadly with the leaked “LEAF” theme looking like it will be “Monkey Kid”, there aren’t any upcoming unknown sets that could be BIONICLE. But if Faber’s series was a big success, it could tempt LEGO to produce accompanying sets (hence the hints at a chance of things returning).


Pretty cool poster! I can’t wait to see what Mr. Faber has in store.


I’m definitely intrigued to see where this goes.


Yeah…no. That’s gotta be way beyond the scope of the projects Faber is currently working on. He’d need to get the rights from Lego, since he’s not working for them right now and has said as much.


Just want to spread wisdom from Faber himself, in response to being asked if Bionicle will come back:

"my motto is to hope all and expect nothing. So I can only hope you understand but I don’t expect it"

Some other response highlights:

"I see our situation like being on a ship trying to navigate unknown waters. We dont know if the coast we are approaching will be rocky or safe. I choose to sit in the mast looking ahead. We are all on the same boat and not moving is not an option. Staying under deck is also not an option but staying allert and ready is good. This journey is also part of the legend​:+1:t3::grinning::muscle:t3::ocean:"

"having the creative adventure go full circle is my agenda and the community is Turaga of G1 moving into the next legend. I know it is cryptic but I have never been in these waters before."

Also, latest news:

He is ramping up the idea generation it seems. Whatever is coming, he’s starting.


The impression I’m getting from this is that while he would probably like it to be a new Bonkle Gen, he’s not counting on that. So, definitely a spiritual successor, that will likely hew fairly closely to Bionicle’s stuff while still doing enough different to be legally distinct, and allow him to get into the climate-change stuff better due to not having to be quite as strictly faithful as would be expected of a proper reboot.