BioWot self moc

This is my first moc Ive posted. I think it looked pretty cool and decided to share it. He has a sword that can also turn into a axe and shield with a dagger.The eyes are blue its kind of hard to tell with the lighting I had. He is probably one of my favorite mocs and I had a lot of fun bilding him and I hope you guys are inspired by it.


The only thing I’d change is I’d make his arms (specifically the lower section) a bit longer. Other than that, nice work!

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The colors are kinda all over the place, and the shoulder pad looking things and the chest look really awkward with mask.


ok thanks for the advice. This was my first moc I have posted. I will be sure to use your advice in future mocs.

it looks alright
but the colour scheme needs some toning down
I see; mata green, metru blue, lime green, silver, light grey, dark grey and gold (which is only the mask)

also there is a spelling error in the title
it is supposed to be MOC
not MOK

Maybe it stands for My Own Kharacter instead of My Own Creation?

and the chest and fingers

I really like the sword/spear thing, the color scheme does balance all the colors surprisingly well, and… where the Mata Nui did you get green Bohrok teeth?


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The green teeth I got off of brick link. And I wanted it to feel like the old Toa with the gold masks