Birds are hard to climb

Don’t tell anyone but this is a thing


What is this?

I was bored, so I made this.


This is the greatest.
Seriously, what program did you use?
I love that Rig of the Rahi, the voice sync is pretty well done also!

I used Blender, it’s got pretty convenient voice syncing tools. As in, i can just import sound files and animate based on the wave pattern.

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I;m so upset this isn’t real.

please do more of these

I also shamee you for using a Lewa skin for Kongu


Ah! Blender!

I tried that once, My laptop sadly cannot run it :C.

I really like the lighting on this also!

Weeeeelll, the not-realness is debatable seeing as it’s animated inside the actual map and the models are the same as in the animations I did for real Biocraft…


The quality is tasty.

eats the quality

Wait, you’re doing the CGI bits for Biocraft?

Dude, there is so much I want to talk to you about. But not now, that’s for a later time.

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I was doing the CGI bits for Biocraft, and I guess whenever the project resumes I’ll be doing some again, yes.

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too bad I use lightwave, not blender.

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