Birmingham Brickfair

I was just wondering if anyone plans on attending the Brickfair this Saturday and Sunday in Birmingham. I was planning on going Saturday so I was just wondering if I might see any of yall there. The past couple of years there were some good Bionicle MOCsand some other very impressive MOCs. They also for the past 2 years introduced a new modular building there which is interesting.

Also, for a side question, does anybody else even attends these kinds of events?

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One of these days, I shall attend Brickfair.

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Absolutely. You can find me at BrickFair New England and BrickFair Virginia. I don't go to the Alabama con because it's a little out of the way and I'm in the middle of midterms this week, but it's on the list of cons I hope to attend at some point (including BricksCascade, BBTB, et cetera).

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Brimhingmah Brickfair? I've been paying attention to the con community for years but have never heard of it.

Being Canadien, the only cons I've attended have been BrickfĂȘte Toronto and BrickfĂȘte Ottawa. (BTW, we should totally have a general "Convention" topic on the boards.)


I live in the state, so of course I am going to attend.

Yeah, typically called BrickFair Alabama, held in Birmingham AL.


Ah. NOW I recognize it. :smiley:

Would there happen to be any of those on the West coast? stuck_out_tongue

Brick by the Bay.There's probably a few others.

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There are quite a few on the West Coast, yes. BricksCascade is in Oregon, for example, and I know there are probably four or five cons in Cali alone.

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I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who is planning on attending. i'm mainly going because it's convenient. But having a full section for cons and other community events would be good.

Also, if yall are there, you should be able to recognize me. I'll be there sporting a Paradow shirt. Well, if anybody still remembers what that is. It has been about 5 years now. Fun times.

I went to this. It was a blast. Good time all around.

Plus shiny new parts.

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Get any pictures of MOCs or MOCists or loot?

I have a few pictures but I still don't think I can post pictures yet. I do knew the Brickshow has uploaded a few videos of some of the most impressive MOCs there.

Also, sorry for the late reply. It's been a busy few weeks.

Also, as a final note, that place was crowded. Got in line with about 2 and a half hours left of it and there was a minimum of at least 1,000 people in front of me. It was well worth it though. Although I do wish they had a few more shirts for sell there. Had to wait behind some people who had some awesome Lego Movie shirts. Those were awesome. I would certainly have paid to have those.

I intend to go to BrickFiesta, in July.


Late reply but

I probably saw you and had no idea

Because I was walking out at about 2 and a half hours left

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