Birth of the Kal - The Bahrag's Short Story

I've got eight short stories that I wrote.The first of these has already been posted, The Last Memories , and this is the second one, Birth of the Kal.

Birth of the Kal

A pair of green eyes probed the darkness. After a few moments, another pair of eyes joined the first. The four eyes scanned the room for a little while longer, and then as one they moved closer to an eerie glowing pool of liquid at the center of the room.
The pool’s glow revealed the identities of the two beings: the twin Bahrag Queens. Cahdok hissed, a sound similar to that of the deadly doom vipers that roamed the Tren Krom peninsula, whose toxic breath alone could kill a Matoran, or anything else foolish enough to get in its way.
Though the blue Bahrag did not share this particular characteristic with the doom viper, she and it had much in common.
Gahdok spoke, “It is time, sister.”
Cahdok nodded and gnashed her teeth. She turned and the two of them watched as half a dozen Bohrok-Va carried a Tahnok into the room. They placed it on the ground in front of the two queens, and scuttled back into the darkness once more.
They emerged again, this time with a Kohrak. They continued repeating this process until one member from each of the six elemental swarms lay on the ground in front of the Bahrag.
The six Va turned back towards the entrance, but as they left, one of them, a Gahlok-Va, tripped and fell into the glowing pool at the center of the room. It let out a screech of alarm as it plunged into the substance.
The other five Va eyed the pool curiously, waiting for their fellow servant to emerge. Instead, a hideous creature with two left arms emerged, letting out strange screams and spitting plasma on the ground. The other five Va hurried back into the corner of the room, horrified by the sight of what used to be their comrade.
The creature let out a few more screams, then fell to the ground, dead. The Bahrag walked over to it, staring at the creature that had once been a servant of the water Bohrok. Gahdok hissed, “Look.”
She pointed with one of her arms at the creature’s back. Inside was a shimmering cobalt colored Krana Su. Cahdok‘s eyes widened as she said, “A Krana-Kal! So the time is right!”
Gahdok placed the Krana Su-Kal inside the Gahlok, and gave it a push, plunging it into the glowing liquid. She stared down at the pool, remembering back to when she and her sister had sensed a battle that would soon come, one in which they would most certainly be defeated. This foresight signaled that it was time to turn six destined Krana and Bohrok into the Super Bohrok, or Kal as the Matoran called it. This substance, a strange mixture of Protodermis and Antidermis, that was subsequently named Neutradermis, would bring forth these new Bohrok-Kal, but only when the time was right.
The Bahrag watched as the Gahlok emerged. It was not the same as it was when it had entered the Neutradermis, nor was it a hideous creature like the Gahlok-Va. It was different, so much more powerful.
The blue armor worn by normal Gahlok had almost completely been replaced by silver armor and weapons. Its clear-colored visor that protected its Krana had frosted over and also turned silver.
The Bahrag stared down at their newly transformed child, and Cahdok said, “Welcome back, my son of water.”
The Bahrag were taken aback when it audibly spoke in reply, “Thank you mother, but I no longer control the element of water.”
It raised its weapon towards the other five Bohrok-Va, who were still cowering in the corner. Rays of power emitted from the weapon, and immediately the five Va were dragged from their hiding place and across the room by magnetism.
With a sweep of its weapon, Gahlok-Kal hurled the Va into the pool. As it did so, it said, “And now it is time to bring my siblings to life.”
Five more Krana-Kal floated to the surface, and Gahlok-Kal placed them inside the remaining five Bohrok. Each of them was plunged into the depths of the Neutradermis, and each of them emerged again, wearing silvery armor similar to that of Gahlok-Kal.
The black one stepped forward and said, “Nuhvok-Kal, wielder of Gravity.”
The red one said, “Tahnok-Kal, master of Electricity.”
The brown one said, “Pahrak-Kal, controller of Plasma.”
The green one simply said, “Lehvak-Kal, Vacuum.”
The white one didn’t speak at all, and when the Bahrag turned expectantly towards it, it created a wall of sound that brought its brothers to their knees. After the other five Bohrok-Kal began to scream in loud metallic voices, it said, “Kohrok-Kal, ruler of sound.”
Kohrok-Kal turned off its power, and Gahdok said, “My children, you all seem eager to show off your powers, but you must be patient, the time will come. For now, you must sleep. Stay in this room and rest, and once we have been defeated, you will awaken and rescue us, and destroy the Toa in the process!”
One by one Tahnok-Kal, Lehvak-Kal, Kohrak-Kal, and Pahrak-Kal each curled up into their ball-like forms in the center of the room surrounding the pool. The Bahrag left, and as they did so Nuhvok-Kal and Gahlok-Kal used their powers to seal the entrance. They both rolled up and joined their brothers in sleep, until they were destined to awaken again and defeat the Toa…


again, it's fantastic. I love these little stories that fit inside continuity.

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I wrote five of these little short stories (I planned to write eight, the last three I never got around to unfortunately. Now that Bionicle's coming back...I might find time for it. For the time being though, I'll post the ones I did write).

Kohrak Kal - Great with the introductions


I really love your use of descriptive language!

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Amazing again! the way you showed Kohrok-kal's power, 15/10.


on the side of the page how did you link to the other topic?
also, I loved the story very good writing better than what I can do.

I think it automatically links any topic that you reference in the post.

And thanks! I try my best smile

Excellent Story. I like how you showed how both the Krana-Kal and the Bohrok-Kal were created. And I like how the Bahrag made them during the swarm invasion.

great story, much better than anything i could write.

Why thank you!

Thanks! smiley There are several others that I've written that are also intended to fit into the canon story! smile

You should reply to 2 compliments in 1 post rather than 2.