Bizarre Photography

These aren’t so much photography but they’re strange

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One day, while my father and I were driving to work, we found Garfield graffiti all over the city.


This is the lasagna gang's stretch of turf;


Garfield is on the loose!

Don't ask.


Terryified me from the first look

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Yeah, i saw this stupid fakes before, this is trash

This was on my phone, I have no idea how it was taken, or who's foot that is.

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Not bizzare, maybe it was taken by one of your brothers/sisters, if you have.

Probably just opened your camera by mistake

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I was out of the house when this was taken...

@EmperorDuckie That's a possibility, but my phone was in my pocket the whole time.

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What is that? Looks less bizarre and more like a low quality image of a chair.

This is someone sitting in a pantry for no reason.

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Bizarre indeed

What your home doesn’t have pantry demons?

I’m more familiar with counter gremlins.

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I just realized this is basically a cursed images thread.


I don’t get it.