Black Destiny: Signup/discussion topic

Black Phantom has succesfully Created the Villain Factory, and the villains are coming. In this RPG there will be two sides. You can either be a Hero or a Villain (I will allow ONE mission control guy I mean the guys like zib). The Hero’s mission is to complete your Hero missions and Protect the Factory. The Villains on the other hand, need to destroy the hero Factory.

Character creation formula

This is what you will need for each character

  • name
  • appearance
  • weapons (all heros have hero cuffs)
  • personality


Feel free to put any of your questions/concerns in this topic

Oh, one last thing, You can have multiple characters, but only once the total player count gets to at least 5 players.



Sounds interesting, I’ll probably sign up soon


Yay, I want this RPG to be something where Brain Attack never happened and LEGO kept going with the villian Factory storyline.


Ooh… MOCing time…


I mean, yeah, you can if you want, but you don’t need to.


I am intrigued. I may sign up for this.

I’m of the opinion that breakout was the peak of hero factory, especially in terms of story, but also set wise.


I’m intrigued as well…only thing though is I’m quite busy for the next two weeks so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to dedicate the time necessary. So I would like to know when is it likely to start?


I will probably start when I get at least 8 players, but you don’t need to start when the game starts. You could be a new hero or villain or whateva


I’m not exactly 100% sure how this works, but it does sound interesting. Would you be willing to explain it?

Name: Maria Scrivner

Weapons: Battleax, Medical clamp and saw. Medical bag with various tools (not depicted)
Allegiance: Villain
Projected role: Combat Medic
Personality: Unusual for a product of the Villain factory, Maria is particularly timid and loath to fight. Normally she would be rejected and sent to be smelted down, but she was particularly skilled in medicine, enough to be given an exception.


Character is approved, welcome aboard!

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Another question, is there a look requirement for Heroes if you build them?

Just make it the size of a breakout hero

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Okay. So how does this work?

what do you mean how does this work?

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I don’t know how these role playing games work on the message boards

They just kinda… do. Be courteous and try not to run other players off the road, and don’t double post. Otherwise you just kinda go.

Use this as kinda an example of how it works.

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Oh, so you kind of just say what you do on the topic

Pretty much. As long as you aren’t destroying the universe by eating a sandwich.

However, universal destruction that doesn’t involve sandwich-eating is completely ok :stuck_out_tongue:

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Aye, there are general courtesy rules, (no metagaming, no godmodding, controlling other charecters without consesnt, etc.)

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