Black Destiny: Signup/discussion topic

Woo good thing I recently revamped one of my old hf Mocs so I might sign up.

Edit: once I get my computer to work I’ll post some pics of my Mocs, but for now I’ll moc up a simpler version,

So yes I will sign up


I’m working on a MOC that I’ll use for this. So I will sign up soon.


Do the villains have to have been created in the villain factory or could they also be escapees like the other villains from Breakout?

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They can be both


Sounds good. I was gonna wait until I had a moc done, but I’ll go ahead and sign up

Name: Prof. Gregor Kafkevahn
Faction: Villain
Shorter and physically weaker than the average villain. Wears a dark colored suit and a helmet that resembles the head of a horned creature.

The Staff of Metamorphosis-

Allows the user to shapesh!ft.(dang censor claims another victim) To activate its ability, the user must initiate a ritual. Once the user has changed form, they must reverse the transformation and start the ritual all over to change form again. The intended target must hold the staff to change form. Also to prevent multiple transformations at a time, the staff merges with the user.

Brilliant but incredibly cocky. Gets easily irritated when he loses control of the situation.


Once a respected figure in the scientific community, but slowly lost credibility after he presented his “Theory of Metamorphosis”, an idea in which it is believed that one can change into peculiar shapes through supernatural means. He was criticized by colleagues, saying the idea was absurd and wouldn’t contribute to the advancement of science. While continuing his work, the feeling of isolation turned into rage and he grew an innate desire prove everyone wrong. Eventually his efforts paid off and created the staff. The staff worked like a charm, but He figured he could improve it, from there on he would associate himself with villains. Unfortunately, while on a trip with a well known criminal to gather resources for a second staff, he was caught and locked up. Luckily, the staff was hidden away until the day Black Phantom released the villains along with the professor, where he would wield the staff once more.


I would sign, up, but I don’t know much about the Hero Factory story, so I’ll pass.


Character is approved, welcome to the crew!

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Alright here we go

Name: lake
Appearance:white, black and green
Weapon: 2 plasma swords one metal sword
Personality: I can’t write down aspects of a personality to save my life, but you’ll get an idea of it in action.
(Hope you’re okay with that.)
All I can say for a fact is that he is extremely stubborn
Special notes: member of the hero recon team in turn he’s pretty good at doing recon.
Mannerisms: tends to stutter when relaying information, can be clumsy at times, can sometimes get panicked easily in close range combat.

Back story: You’ll see.

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There’s not a whole lot to know besides the premise: There’s a factory that builds heroes.

The plot for this RP comes from the Breakout wave, where the main villain of the wave sent plans for the Hero Factory to an unknown individual. This RP follows up on that by having that individual building a Villain Factory. (Most villains otherwise are just random indviduals, not built in a factory)


Character is approved.


Oh, OK, I join then!

Name: Formely known as Steven and Jonathan Cross, now called “Crosser”

Allegiance: Villains

Appearance: Steven Cross was originally comprised of two heroes, who were fused together haphazardly. He is purple and red, with his left side being more red with purple highlights, and his right side being more purple with red highlights. He has two heads (One has a purple version of Thunder’s helmet, and the other a red version of Stringer’s helmet), and an extra arm coming out from his back. Some of his armor shells are only partially painted, and aren’t painted at all. He’s about as tall as a standard hero, but is a bit wider.

Weapons: Crosser carries a set of double ended swords. A blaster is attached to his third arm.

Backstory: One day, heroes were being manufactured as per usual. However, somehow (perhaps a villain raided the factory, or there was some kind of shipping mistake, idk), two unfinished heroes ended up in hands of the villains. The villains forcefully merged the two robots, and corrupted the heroes, turning them into one evil monster.

Personality: Crosser is extremely bitter, and has a hatred towards everything in the world. His goal in life is to make heroes feel the same pain that he did when he was crated. His two heads share a mind, but is able to say two things at once, since he has two mouths. He also sometimes uses both of his mouths when speaking, to make himself louder. His voice is cold hollow, and scratchy, due to damaged internal systems. Also, since he was created haphazardly, and he isn’t in good condition, he occasionally performs involuntary movements. His memory isn’t always very good either.

I tried to make Crosser’s backstory unique, but as I don’t know much about Hero Factory, it’s possible that a similar thing has already been done.

EDIT 12/16/20 here’s a picture of him that I drew


This is absolutely nothing like anything in the story proper.

Like, Breakout is the closest the Villains ever came to taking over the factory. The main villain of the wave staged a breakout of the prisons in the factory, and took over the factory while the heroes were trying to rope them all back in.

So this is very unique.

EDIT: Handy wiki by the BS01 crew.


Unique in a good way, or is it too outlandish?

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In a good way. Blank Heroes exist, so this isn’t that much of a stretch.


I’ve decided I’ll join as well. Also, I would like to have multiple characters, but I’ll just do the one for now.

Name: Jake Rattlesnake, under cover as “Striiker”
Alignment: Heroes, lawful neutral
Weapons: Vibro blade

Villain disguise:

Personality: Jake is a gritty, determined character who believes the villains should be killed instead of imprisoned. He can be a jerk at times and tends to put others in harm’s way if it means the mission is completed. His primary goal is to sabotage the villain factory and eventually destroy it. He lost an arm to black phantom during the breakout and wants to personally take him out.
Mission: he is currently on a mission to infiltrate villain factory and destroy it from the inside out ( if it’s all right with our lovely GM he might already be in villain factory ; )
Abilities: he can create holograms that are very convincing. He uses this ability to change his appearance so he can blend in with crowds and also with the villains. He can also change his voice.

So, watcha guys think?

@Atobe_Brick and @T4k4nuv4, both your characters are approved.


@Cordax can you let me know a few hours in advance when you start this? I’m working on a MOC that will be my character, but I’m not sure how long it’ll end up taking; so if you’re about to start I’ll just give a description for the appearance.

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Ok sure. @Nogus101 I’m probably going to start in a week or so.

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Well, now that there’s five players mind if drop in another character?

Name: Billy Jolt
Alter Ego: Storm Front
Faction: Hero
Jolt- Generic 2.0 hero body type with basic silver armor
Storm Front- sliver, bulky armor, resembles a tall, brawny villain
Weapons: Stun gun

'Super Hero' Core

A circular device that encases the user in a powerful suit of armor. When equipped the user is granted enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and jumping height. Thrusters are mounted on the forearms to further boost the suit’s power. The suit replenishes itself when retracted, but requires time to fully recover and charge, so it cannot always be equipped.

When he’s not the powerful Storm Front, Jolt tries his best to avoid the spotlight. Always aiming to be just average so no one would suspect anything when he’s not present.
As he dons the Super Hero Core, Jolt showcases his heroic side. Charismatic, willing to put his life on the line, and will go the next mile to serve justice.


Like all other heroes, Jolt sought to protect people and put the bad guys away. Overtime, he realized he was a part of the vast majority of heroes who were just ordinary, the ones who were never assigned to important missions, the ones that could never truly make a difference in the world. His world changed when he stumbled upon a dazed villain while patrolling the city. He noticed the villain had an odd shaped core that once he removed reduced the villain to the scrawny good-for-nothing he was, almost identical to himself. At that moment, he had to decide to either turn over the core and resume his boring life or keep it for himself and help keep the streets clean in secret. He chose to keep the core and accepted the responsibilities of using the core for the greater good as well as the consequences that would come if the core was stolen or the identity of Storm Front was discovered by anyone. Jolt continued patrolling the streets, but every once in a while he’d use the Super Hero Core whenever he heard a villain was in the city. To the rest of the world, he was always and would be the same old Billy Jolt, but to Jolt, he was Storm Front.

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Character is approved!

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